Review by: Faisal Saif

Many of us during our early college/school life have bunked the lectures and went to see some soft porn playing at a nearest cinemas in “Morning Shows”. I am trying to take you in a Flash-Back because Poonam Pandey‘s Nasha falls exactly in those films category.

Director Amit Saxena who debuted with Bipasha Basu‘s Jism in 2003, Directs this film. But after watching Nasha, I assure you that you might start to hate Jism too.

Nasha is a story of Sex and Obsession where Shivam an 18 year old boy falls in love with a woman Poonam Pandey who is in her 25 (Which she obviously doesn’t look). Later Shivam starts fantasizing her sexually. The love which later turns into hopeless sexual fantasies.

Trust me, Poonam Pandey as an actress is very bad and awful. Despite of her ‘Publicity-Hungry’ striptease stunts and challenges, She couldn’t give a single decent expression in any of the love making scenes from the film. She made herself a ‘Wannabe’ brand of Kim Kardashian but after Nasha, I don’t think you want to see her in acting again. New boy Shivam acted well. In fact this was the only cast which went perfectly well. Rest of the characters were boring.

Nasha Poster
Nasha Poster

I have no clue what went wrong with Amit Saxena‘s brain when he chose this film to make. Or may be it was Poonam Pandey‘s heavy obsession? How come a talented director like Amit Saxena make this? The story which could have been handled tactfully, Leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Camera work and Production Values are just alright. Music is good but doesn’t help the film in it’s proceedings.

If you are planning to watch Nasha for your personal reasons (Which obviously you know well where i am hinting at), Kindly check your DVD library for some nice international titles. I have heard nowadays even Spanish porn makers makes amazing films on such issues.. Ahem! Ahem!! (No offense to anyone please). And if you are looking for something Indian? Search the Torrents for “Malayali Aunties” etc.

Because Nasha sucks big time!

Cast: Poonam Pandey, Shivam and Lots of Sex (In C Grade Ishtyle)
Directed by: Amit Sex-ena (Oops! Sorry please) Amit Saxena
Ratings: 1/5