Andari Bandhuvaya yet to can two songs

Sarwanand and Padmapriya are playing the lead in ‘Andari Bandhuvaya‘ directed and produced by Chandra Siddhartha.

The producer-cum-director says,

“Shooting of the talkie part was complete and we are yet to can two songs with which we will wrap up the shooting. There would be very good entertainment in the story. At the same time we included human relations in the subject. These days, nuclear families had become a fad and no one is thinking about their own close blood relations. In fact, the life has become so mechanical. Our story deals with a couple which allocates a part of their time for the people living around them. They give a good definition to the words like love, affection and relationships.”

Naresh, RK, Krishna Bhagawan, MS Narayana, Vijaysai and others are in the cast. Lyrics are by Chaitanya Prasad, music is by Anoop, camera is by Jayakrishna Gummadi, while Utopia Entertainments is producing the movie.


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