Genelia D’Souza: How Does She Remain So Happy?

November 30, 2010 : We are all aware of the perky nature of South Indian and Bollywood actress Genelia D’Souza and we know how she keeps smiling all the time. But did you know the reason behind that everlasting smile? Well, Genelia D’Souza reportedly has a perpetual smile on her face because of the love that is showered on her by her fans.

Recent media reports about the actress claim that she is very popular among her fans because she always greets them with her trademark bubbly smile! In fact, Genelia D’Souza’s smile is so much talked about these days that most of her fans want to see her smile rather than take her autograph! The actress had to go to the Coimbatore airport in the recent past. Recalling an incident which took place at the airport, Genelia D’Souza shares that as soon as she entered the airport, a horde of fans surrounded her. But contrary to her thoughts that she would now have to start signing autographs for all assembled, her fans only wanted their favorite actress to pass on her sweet and infectious smile to them. And it was this that made the actress very happy. We guess that she smiled all the more!

It was through her homepage on social networking site Twitter that Genelia D’Souza shared this incident with the world. The actress was at the Coimbatore airport because her shoot for ‘Velayudham’ at Pollachi had been stalled due to rain.


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