‘Peranmai’ to release before ‘Aadhavan’

When it comes to Kollywood movies, calendars doesn’t carry a fixed date for releases. You’ll witness changes even during few hours of film’s release. Gradually, the Diwali releases have seemingly got through similar phase. Till last evening, the release date of ‘Aadhavan‘ and ‘Peranmai‘ was slated on the same day of Oct 17 for Diwali.

But suddenly, the new schedule shows that ‘Peranmai‘ is releasing a day prior to Diwali on October 16.

It seems that Ayngaran International, producers of ‘Peranmai‘ have purposely decided to release the film on Friday so that they will have some good collections on the first day itself. As well, they are aware that electronic media would publish the reviews on the same day and that may yield some best results for the film. Well, if released on the same day, the entire focus would be on Surya starrer ‘Aadhavan‘.

Of course, it’s a smart move by the producers indeed…

–R. Richard Mahesh


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