Rajnikanth urges trouble-free ‘Kuselan’ release in Karnataka

Rajanikant in KuselanBangalore, July 29 (IANS) Tamil superstar Rajnikanth has written to the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC) to ensure that his forthcoming film “Kuselan’ is released in the state without any problems since many groups were against it, alleging that he had made “anti-Kannadiga” statements.

Though KFCC president and actress Jayamala has already given the nod for the movie’s simultaneous release in Karnataka Aug 1, Rajnikanth apparently doesn’t want to take any chances. Some Kannada organisations had been demanding that “Kuselan” be released in the state only after a seven-week moratorium as Rajnikanth had hurt the sentiments of Kannadigas by supporting Tamil Nadu on a row over a drinking water project in Hogenekkal, on the border between the two states.

Rajanikant in Kuselan

The superstar had joined the Tamil film industry in a daylong protest fast in April against Karnataka’s objections to the Rs.13.3 billion Hogenekkal project that is expected to benefit about three million people in two Tamil Nadu districts. Karnataka is opposed to the project, saying its share of the Cauvery river waters will be affected.

During the protest, Rajnikanth had apparently blamed Karnataka Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa for the problem, angering many Kannada activists. The actor, in his letter to Jayamala Monday, which he has written in Kannada, stressed that he had never intended to hurt the feelings of Kannadigas by speaking at the rally.

He wrote: “I came to know that there was some bitterness among a section of Kannada people about my speech on the Hogenakkal issue. I want to say that I’m not a person to hurt feelings of other people and I’m not a person to create any difficulties for others… I have not believed in hurting others.”

Rajnikanth added that he did not want his fans in Karnataka to miss out on his film. “I don’t want people to have any difficulty in seeing my film in Karnataka. I would appeal to you to co-operate to facilitate the release of the film in the state,” he said in the letter. Jayamala released the actor’s letter at a press conference here.

She said: “The executive committee of the KFCC has already agreed to allow the release of the film with lesser number of prints and lesser number of theatres.” The KFCC president had earlier also urged people to not link the Hogenakkal issue to the release of “Kuselan”, specially since producer K. Balachander was a respected film personality who had contributed to Kannada cinema as well.


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