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Outlander – Season 7

Season 7 of "Outlander" is based on the seventh book in the series, "An Echo in the Bone." In this season, the Fraser family continues to navigate the complexities and challenges of life in the 18th century amidst the backdrop of the American Revolution.

Outlander – S07 E01 – A Life Well Lost

In “A Life Well Lost,” the Season 7 premiere of Outlander, the plot centers around Claire’s imprisonment for the alleged murder of Malva Christie, with her plight becoming well-known around town.

Outlander - S07E01 - A Life Well Lost
Outlander – S07E01 – A Life Well Lost

The episode starts with Jamie having a harrowing dream where Claire is hanged. He is determined to find her as he believes she’s alive. Meanwhile, Claire shares a cell with Sadie, a woman incarcerated for forgery, who hasn’t seen any trials in months due to the ongoing war.

Roger is assigned to minister soldiers, which leads to an encounter with Wendigo Donner, a fellow time traveler. Wendigo pleads with Roger for help to return to his time, sparking tension between Roger and Brianna when he considers the request.

Back in prison, Claire is taken to a pregnant woman, Mrs. Martin, for aid. Despite initial resistance due to the rumors about Claire’s charges, she eventually gains Mrs. Martin’s trust. Mrs. Martin agrees to stay quiet about Claire’s situation.

When Jamie and Ian arrive in town, they meet Sadie and Mrs. Toliver, seeking information about Claire. Jamie learns about Claire’s whereabouts when Tom, an acquaintance, brings Claire’s list of requested items for Mrs. Martin.

Claire runs into a major she knows aboard the ship she’s taken to. She manages to keep her identity a secret for a while, but eventually, the major reveals it, leading to a tense encounter with Governor Martin. Despite her pleas of innocence, the governor remains unmoved.

Jamie reaches the ship and makes a deal with the governor for Claire’s freedom, promising to conscript 200 men for Major McDonald. Meanwhile, Tom decides to confess to Malva’s murder to protect Claire, revealing that Malva and her mother were witches. He also discloses that Malva’s child might not be his. Claire, however, does not believe his confession. Despite the truth of his confession, Tom’s sacrifice illuminates his deep love for Claire.

The episode concludes with a confrontation between Jamie and Richard Brown, with the looming threat of Brown’s family hunting Jamie down if any harm comes to him. Unbeknownst to Brown, Ian is already dealing with his family.

This episode sets the stage for significant events in Season 7, weaving together complex emotional dynamics, risky sacrifices, and impending danger. The tensions created are likely to drive the narrative in subsequent episodes.

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Outlander – S07 E02 – The Happiest Place on Earth

“The Happiest Place on Earth”, episode 2 of Outlander Season 7, weaves a tale of love, loss, and impending danger for our favorite characters.

Outlander - S07E02 - The Happiest Place on Earth
Outlander – S07E02 – The Happiest Place on Earth

The episode begins with Claire (Caitriona Balfe) finding Allan Christie (Mark Lewis Jones) in the cemetery next to Malva’s grave. Allan, who loved Malva deeply, reveals that he was responsible for her murder and subsequent sexual abuse. The shock of this revelation results in Allan attempting suicide, but Claire stops him just in time. However, Ian (John Bell) intervenes and fatally shoots Allan with an arrow, freeing them from his disturbing presence.

Brianna (Sophie Skelton) gives birth to a daughter, who is named Amanda Claire Hope MacKenzie, or Mandy for short. Jamie (Sam Heughan) lovingly shows Mandy around the Ridge, while Claire is already looking forward to teaching her about medicine. However, their joy is short-lived when Claire notices a blue tinge to Mandy’s fingernails, indicating a serious heart problem that would need modern medicine to correct, a solution they cannot provide in their current era.

Roger (Richard Rankin), worried about the danger of their child’s condition, decides that the entire family will journey through the stones to access the medical treatment Mandy needs. This decision, although difficult for Claire, is accepted as she and Jamie recognize it as the best chance for Mandy’s survival.

During a visit to town, Brianna and Roger encounter Lord John (David Berry) and William (Oliver Finnegan). The complex dynamics of familial relations surface during this meeting, especially when Brianna questions Lord John about whether he’ll reveal to William who his real father is.

Jamie, too, interacts with John, discussing William and the state of their divided loyalties in the brewing conflict. A precious gemstone, previously owned by Hector in the books, is given to Jamie by John for Brianna, although the origin of the gemstone in the series isn’t clear.

Meanwhile, Jamie and Claire have an emotional discussion about the upcoming departure of their daughter and grandkids. Jamie expresses his wish to experience the future, and he even has a gemstone ready for Claire to use to return to the future in case he is killed. But Claire, proving her love, tosses the gemstone out the window.

The time comes for Brianna and her family to leave through the stones. The farewell is poignant, filled with promises of love, remembrance, and bravery. Once they cross over and hear the sound of a plane overhead, they are reassured they made it.

Back on the Ridge, Claire and Jamie struggle to cope with their loss. Their lovemaking is stilted, and they are haunted by the ghosts of those they’ve lost. Despite the sorrow, they find solace in their day-to-day activities and the small joy of Lizzie (Caitlin O’Ryan) giving birth. However, their respite is short-lived as Wendigo (Brennan Martin) invades their home, demanding Claire’s help in understanding the workings of the stones. The episode ends on a dramatic note as Wendigo sets their house on fire.

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Outlander – S07 E03 – Death Be Not Proud

In the aftermath of a destructive house fire, Jamie and Claire Fraser start their day by going through the remains of their once home. Among the wreckage, they find objects hinting at their past life, such as a drawing of William, stirring memories and emotional conversations. Their struggles at the Ridge continue when they discover that the Bugs, a couple they believed were allies, have found Jacobite gold, leading to a dramatic turn of events and the accidental death of Mrs. Bug by Ian.

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Outlander - S07E03 - Death Be Not Proud
Outlander – S07E03 – Death Be Not Proud

With this incident, the atmosphere turns somber as they deal with the consequences and reflect upon mortality. This spurs Jamie to fulfill an old promise to his sister — he decides to return to Scotland and take Young Ian back to her. As the war looms, they feel the urgency to settle these matters, especially to avoid having Jamie confront his son in battle.

In the meantime, the Frasers manage to recover the Jacobite gold from the Bugs, which Jamie then hides in a secret location. The secret is then entrusted to Brianna and Roger via a letter, marking the gold’s location.

As they prepare for their journey, Jamie and Claire say their goodbyes to the Ridge, a place teeming with memories and bonds they’ve formed. This emotional departure is felt profoundly by all, including their friends and allies. Simultaneously, Brianna and Roger, who have been reading through the letters, decide to visit Lallybroch. However, upon reaching, they discover it has been boarded up and is now up for sale.

Claire finds her cat in the final moments on the Ridge and sets it free, symbolizing the end of their life there. With this poignant scene, the episode wraps up, leaving the audience eager to find out what lies ahead for the Frasers as they embark on their journey back to Scotland.

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Outlander – S07 E04 – A Most Uncomfortable Woman

“A Most Uncomfortable Woman”, the fourth episode of Outlander Season 7, is packed with significant events and developments for the characters.

The episode starts with Brianna and Roger at the Ridge, where they have been living in a trailer for the past two years. They learn from their contractor that the estimated cost for the bedroom renovations is beyond their budget, which prompts them to consider the hidden Jacobite gold.

Outlander - S07E04 - A Most Uncomfortable Woman
Outlander – S07E04 – A Most Uncomfortable Woman

Meanwhile, Jamie, Claire, and Ian are camping on the road. Ian is haunted by the thought of Arch Bug wanting to harm those he loves, namely Jamie and Claire. The conversation shifts when Jamie insists that it’s all in Ian’s head and that Bug just wants to torture him mentally.

Elsewhere, William helps his cousin, who’s suffering from illness, and he tears down the Declaration of Independence to use it as a napkin. They come across a man setting a woman on fire under the pretext of her having pox and attempting to kill him. William tries to save her but fails.

Back at the Ridge, Roger discovers that the musket ball from the box of letters is gold. Meanwhile, Jemmy believes pixies are in the house and starts disassembling Brianna’s clock radio to ward them off.

William is then assigned by Captain Richardson to deliver letters to three individuals in the States. After completing the task, he is to join the Captain in New York. Around this time, Brianna attends a job interview for a plant inspector position. Though initially mistaken for a secretary, she manages to impress the interviewer with her knowledge.

On his journey to deliver the letters, William gets injured when his horse is startled by a snake, and he ends up with a tree branch impaling his arm. Back on the road, Jamie, Claire, and Ian run into Mr. Harnett, who tries to conscript Jamie into the cause at Fort Ticonderoga. Jamie decides he must join the war to protect his family. As a result, Claire agrees to join him as they will need doctors, and Ian joins too to fight for the land he loves.

Meanwhile, tensions arise between Brianna and Roger as she secures the job she interviewed for, and he expresses his wish to be the breadwinner of the family. Roger feels like he’s failing his promise to take care of the family, but Brianna reassures him he’s not.

During William’s struggle in the woods, Ian miraculously finds him and helps clean his wound. They bond over shared stories and Rollo takes a liking to William.

Simultaneously, Claire encounters Tom Christie, who, to her surprise, passionately kisses her. Tom confesses that he loves Claire and admits that he placed the obituary about her presumed death, unable to bear the thought of her vanishing without a record.

As the episode progresses, William’s condition worsens, and Ian takes him to a doctor who suggests amputating his arm. But when a boil on his arm ruptures, the amputation becomes unnecessary. During this time, Ian develops an attraction towards a woman named Rachel.

At the Ridge, Roger encourages Jemmy’s imagination, knowing the boy’s unique understanding of time travel and magic. William, now recovering, chats with Rachel and learns that she and her brother Denzell are planning to join the fight for independence. William decides to join them.

The episode concludes with Claire reflecting on the shared emotions and thoughts among soldiers in times of war, each man either trying to stay alive or hoping to die well. This philosophical ending sets an intense tone for the next chapter of their journey.

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Outlander – S07 E05 – Singapore

“Singapore”, the 5th episode of Outlander’s Season 7, unfolds with significant advancements.

The episode begins with Brianna discovering her children, Jemmy and Mandy, playing in the graveyard. Even though they are aware it’s off-limits, they seek connection with their Grandda. Brianna, who has never been to the graveyard, is reluctant to accept that her parents might be buried there.

Outlander - S07E05 - Singapore
Outlander – S07E05 – Singapore

Later, she is found reading old letters from Jamie and Claire, dated June 18, 1777. The letters describe the couple’s time in Ticonderoga, where Jamie has found a loyal group of men known as Fraser’s Irregulars, and Claire amusingly writes about a surgeon who underestimates her skills due to her gender.

Meanwhile, William, Rachel, and Denzell are travelling north when they are forced to take shelter with a man and his wife. Unfortunately, their hosts attack them in the middle of the night, leading William to kill Mr. Johnson in self-defense. After the incident, Mrs. Johnson reveals her husband’s history of similar actions and offers them the couple’s ill-gotten possessions, which Rachel refuses.

Young Ian seeks Claire’s advice about reproduction, following the loss of a child and the birth of his ex’s newborn. Claire tries to explain the medical reasons behind miscarriages, assuring Ian it isn’t his fault.

Brianna, meanwhile, is facing sexism in her new role as a plant inspector. One of her male colleagues locks her in a dam, forcing her to navigate dark tunnels with only matches for light. Intriguingly, she discovers something resembling a wormhole within the dam’s structure.

In the military camp, Ian is recruited for a mission due to his knowledge of the Mohawk language. Simultaneously, Jamie is providing counsel to the Continental Army officers, though his advice is often disregarded.

The episode also sees an emotional reunion between Ian and his ex-lover, where Ian meets his look-alike son. Overjoyed, he gives the boy a name for the non-Mohawk world – Ian James.

The episode concludes with a heartfelt scene where Brianna finally visits the cemetery and the stone Jemmy placed for his grandfather. She shares updates about her life and their recent acquisition of Lallybroch, wishing her parents could witness their new home.

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Outlander – S07 E06 – Where the Waters Meet

“Where The Waters Meet,” the 6th episode of Outlander’s Season 7, unfolds as a tense confluence of survival, political intrigue, and emotional upheavals.

In this episode, we see William reporting to Simon Fraser at Fort Ticonderoga, taken aback to learn there was no fight for the fort. The plan to march north to cut off the Northern army surprises him further.

Outlander - S07E06 - Where the Waters Meet
Outlander – S07E06 – Where the Waters Meet

While William is dealing with military strategies, Jamie and Claire, along with a group of infirm hospital patients, make their way to shore. A slight hiccup occurs when a woman refuses to leave the boat due to Ian’s appearance. Their challenges increase when Mrs. Raven, a woman from the boat, disappears fearing being taken by the Redcoats, and Claire gets captured during her search for Mrs. Raven.

In another storyline, Roger gets involved with Jemmy’s school, after learning about their effort to suppress Gaelic. His strong cultural sentiments earn him a chance to teach a class so that they don’t lose touch with their roots.

Claire’s imprisonment proves challenging. She faces dire circumstances while trying to care for the injured, including Walter, a man with a severe leg injury. Her medical expertise leads her to believe that Walter is suffering from a lung embolism, but her options to treat him are limited.

Back at Fort Ticonderoga, William gets chastised by Captain Richardson for failing to deliver a message. However, the Captain leaves a window open for William’s redemption, hinting at the political complexities of war.

Meanwhile, Bree and Roger explore her tunnel experience, its relation to the sounds near the stones, and what it might mean.

In a turn of events, Claire crosses paths with William in the prison camp. William recognizes her as the woman who once saved his father’s life. While he can’t promise immediate supplies, he does send some libations to Claire.

In his new role as a Gaelic teacher, Roger captures the audience’s interest with his fun and engaging approach to teaching. Post the class, he meets Rob Cameron, Bree’s coworker.

As the episode progresses, Walter dies despite Claire’s best efforts, leaving her devastated. In a risky rescue mission, Jamie and Ian manage to free Claire with Ian assuring Jamie that he will handle the situation. William, however, warns Ian about potential future consequences.

Once free, Claire and Jamie reunite with the rest of the refugees and the army. Jamie decides to delay his return to Scotland to join Colonel Daniel Morgan’s militia, impacting their future plans.

In the midst of all this, Ian experiences a spark with Rachel while visiting Rollo, leading to a potential love interest.

Towards the end, Jamie discusses his impending role in the war and mortality with Claire. They share a heartfelt conversation about the values of life, war, and their impressions of William.

The episode ends on a tense note with Roger encountering a stranger outside his home, leading to a violent confrontation.

Outlander – S07 E07 – A Practical Guide for Time-Travelers

In “A Practical Guide For Time-Travelers,” the 7th episode of Outlander’s Season 7, time is truly a fluid concept as the past, present, and future intertwine in remarkable ways.

As the episode begins, we find Claire penning a letter to Brianna, expressing her longing for her daughter and talking about meeting William. Simultaneously, Roger introduces Brianna to an unexpected guest, William Buccleigh MacKenzie. Buccleigh reveals his own experience with the mystifying journey through Craigh ne Dun, explaining his presence at Lallybroch.

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Outlander - S07E07 - A Practical Guide for Time-Travelers
Outlander – S07E07 – A Practical Guide for Time-Travelers

Meanwhile, we witness the brewing tension in Stillwater, New York, where the British Army gathers. Whisperings of desertions and battle strategies circulate, with William offering snide remarks on the cowardice of deserters. A change in plans comes with a message from General Howell, setting the stage for a looming confrontation.

Amidst these events, we find a strangely amusing focus on apple-eating and a humorous introduction of Buccleigh to the wonders of peanut butter and jelly. As Roger reveals the intricate relations within their family to a seemingly resentful Buccleigh, the narrative nudges towards the complexities of their shared past and the paradoxes of time-travel.

A surprise guest arrives in the form of Rob Cameron, whose sudden appearance prompts a hasty concealment of Buccleigh. Dinner with Rob flows smoothly, though suspicions about his overly polite demeanor seem to linger in the air.

On a different note, Jamie gifts Claire a book, alongside the revelation that she needs spectacles, further symbolizing the passage of time.

Back in the battlefield, William wishes to fight alongside his fellow soldiers, despite the grave dangers. He is reluctantly granted this by General Fraser. The episode takes a dark turn as it captures the horrors and chaos of war, shattering the soldiers’ initial excitement and marking them with traumatic experiences.

In the midst of this tension, Brianna and Roger’s domestic life presents a stark contrast. However, the calm is shattered as Mandy reveals that Jemmy has disappeared. With growing realization, Roger discovers that Rob has taken Jemmy to the stones, possibly for a blood sacrifice to time-travel.

In the final scenes, we find William struggling with the aftermath of the battle, adamant about honoring the fallen soldiers. His dedication contrasts sharply with the frivolity of the officers back at the camp. Jamie’s life hangs in the balance as we see him bloodied on the battlefield, setting a grim tone for the forthcoming events.

Outlander – S07 E08 – Turning Points

The episode opens with a grim scene on the battlefield, where a mother and her son are looting from the bodies of fallen soldiers. They’re about to kill Jamie when Claire steps in, saving him.

Jamie’s participation in the thick of the battle has left Claire deeply troubled. Although Jamie tries to lighten the mood with jokes, the gravity of the situation isn’t lost on Claire, who feared for his life.

Despite the British claiming victory, they suffered heavier losses than the Americans. This is especially concerning because William was at the fort, and it’s unclear if he survived.

Outlander - S07E08 - Turning Points
Outlander – S07E08 – Turning Points

Denzell, deeply affected by the war’s casualties, confides in Claire. They discuss the emotional weight of their roles as healers in such trying times. Denzell’s losses during the battle have grown exponentially, leading him to question the worth of it all. However, Rachel believes in the greater good and thinks it will all be worth it eventually.

During this time, Jamie is being tended to by Claire for a wound on his hand. They share a tender moment, with Jamie revealing that Colonel Johnson had credited him for halting the British charge. Meanwhile, Brianna is fraught with worry, awaiting Roger’s return. When he does, he brings disturbing news that Rob has taken Jimmy through the stones. Roger is determined to pursue them, feeling a responsibility to protect his family.

Amidst these personal tribulations, there’s a light-hearted moment involving Rollo, who eats some of Claire’s goose grease. This mischievous act by the dog inadvertently leads to a romantic encounter between Ian and Rachel, highlighting the growing affection between them.

In a surprising turn of events, Claire meets a man seeking treatment for malaria. The man is revealed to be Benedict Arnold, a name Claire recognizes from history. She’s taken aback, knowing his eventual role as a traitor in the American Revolution. This prompts a discussion with Jamie about the consequences of meddling with historical events.

As the episode progresses, the Second Battle of Saratoga unfolds. Under Benedict Arnold’s orders, Jamie is tasked with shooting Simon Fraser. The ensuing chaos of the battle sees missed shots, combat prowess from Ian, and intense confrontations. After the smoke clears, Jamie discovers an injured Benedict Arnold, who is later treated by Claire. As they converse, Arnold vents his frustrations, hinting at his upcoming betrayal.

The episode takes a somber turn when a severely wounded Simon Fraser calls for Jamie. Their meeting is brief and emotional, culminating in Simon’s death. Outside the tent, Claire and William share a poignant moment, with William unaware of his deeper ties to Simon. This interaction leads to a brief exchange between Jamie and William, marked by mutual respect.

In the wake of the battle, General Gates approaches Jamie with a special request: to transport Simon Fraser’s body back to Scotland. This task weighs heavily on Jamie. Concurrently, Ian decides to uphold a promise to return home, entrusting Rachel with the care of his beloved dog, Rollo. As preparations are underway, Roger and Brianna gear up for their journey through the stones, aiming to rescue Jimmy.

The episode concludes with the ship reaching the shores of Scotland. Overwhelmed by emotions, Jamie grapples with the significance of his return, bringing the episode to a heartfelt close.

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