Randeep Hooda’s lip -sync trouble

By Hamara Photos
Monday, February 11th, 2013 5:41 pm

The trailer of Mahesh Bhatt’s hit franchise Murder 3 has become the talk of the town and audiences have loved it. According to sources, Randeep Hooda faced a tough time while shooting for a romantic song ‘Hasratein’. He was finding it really difficult to lip-sync with the song, understanding the situation famous choreographer Rajeev Surti came to Randeep’s resuce.

Randeep Hooda talk about Jism 2 in Hyatt Regency, Mumbai on 25th July 2012 (18).jpgThe ace choreographer took the challenge upto himself and decided to help Randeep with the situation. A source within the unit said, “Rajeev went upto Randeep and suggested they do a pre-rehearsal for the song.” With Randeep agreeing to it, the duo met a day before the shoot and went through rigorous rehearsal. After an hour of gruelling practise Randeep was confident and had mastered his lip-sync with the song.

When the shooting began the next day, everyone was anxious of how the shoot would go through as they knew the problem Randeep faced. But as soon as the shoot started and the song was played, Randeep shifted into another gear and gave a perfect shot. The director vishesh bhatt & entire crew stood up and applauded the effort of Randeep and Rajeev and praised him for the shot. Apart from the lip-sync Randeep was bang on with the emotions also, vishesh bhatt & Mahesh Bhatt was very happy with the desired outcome and Praised Randeep and Rajeev’s effort. “The song looks mind blowing and it’s going to be a super hit” reveals as source from the unit.

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