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Twinkle Khanna Lauds Akshay Kumar’s ‘OMG 2’ Box Office Triumph

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Twinkle Khanna, a talented actor herself, couldn’t hide her pride and joy over her husband Akshay Kumar‘s recent cinematic achievement. The film in focus, ‘OMG 2’, has made a stellar collection, raking in Rs 120 crore at the box office.

Akshay Kumar with Twinkle Khanna seen at the airport on 30 Jun 2023
Akshay Kumar with Twinkle Khanna seen at the airport on 30 Jun 2023

On Wednesday, she expressed her elation on Instagram. Sharing the film’s poster that displayed the impressive box office collection, she penned an affectionate note. “Congratulations Mr K! Your film isn’t just shaking the box office but also making an impact on the system. #omg2,” she warmly conveyed.


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Directed by Amit Rai, ‘OMG 2’ reached the remarkable figure of Rs 120.62 crore in just 12 days post-release. This achievement didn’t go unnoticed. Fans and colleagues from the industry flooded Twinkle’s post with congratulatory messages. Akshay himself responded with heartfelt emojis, while Bobby Deol chimed in with a simple “Congratulations.”

The film’s success isn’t merely a reflection of its entertainment value. One fan aptly noted, “OMG 2 brilliantly balances entertainment with social relevance. It’s a compelling mix of social commentary and humor.”

Akshay, clearly touched by the overwhelming response, took a moment to thank his fans on Instagram. Sharing a clip from the film, he wrote about the incredible week ‘OMG 2’ had in the Indian Film history. He also highlighted the success of another film, ‘Gadar 2’, acknowledging its strong presence at the box office.

Earlier, trade analyst Taran Adarsh had reported ‘OMG 2‘ standing at a commendable Rs 79.47 crore. He detailed the film’s earnings day by day, emphasizing its steady climb.

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Notably, ‘OMG 2’ faced stiff competition from ‘Gadar 2’, starring Sunny Deol. Yet, it managed to carve its own niche, captivating audiences. Alongside Akshay, the film boasts stellar performances from Pankaj Tripathi and Yami Gautam. The anticipation for ‘OMG 2’ began right from the release of its teasers and posters.

There was some initial uncertainty surrounding the film’s release due to its religious themes. The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) eventually approved it, albeit with some edits, granting it an ‘Adults Only’ certification.

For Akshay, ‘OMG 2’ is not just another release. It marks his 10th film to release on Independence Day. More importantly, it serves as a beacon of resurgence in his career, especially after facing a few setbacks in the box office in recent times.

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