The Deepika Padukone Interview

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Wednesday, January 30th, 2013 10:29 am

The actress who pumped your Heartbeat always from Om Shanti Om till the latest Race 2. The Actress who also says she might be ‘Sexy’ but not a ‘Seductress’. The actress who is a Star and she still remains Down-To-Earth, Speaking about her Journey, Lifestyle, Link-Up’s, Controversies.. Actress Deepika Padukone goes one-on-one with Faisal Saif.

But you were always related to the word ‘Sexy’..
I don’t believe in being in-your-face sexy. It is more of an attitude and not about clothes. But the film took it a step further and called for the character to be a sexy seductress. The entire body language had to spell it out. And as I said earlier, it’s nothing like the real me. I may be sexy, but I’m no seductress.

And your character’s in Race 2, Raam Leela, Chennai Express can be considered as Glamorous ones?
But all my roles are so different from each other that it’s really interesting to be busy with work.

Do you enjoy being in the latest bandwagon of 100 Crore Club?
More than the box-office records or business figures of the film, It is the experience of shooting that I cherish.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone

You will be shooting your upcoming film ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani‘ in Kashmir?
I have never shot in Kashmir before. I have heard so much about the place and seen its beauty only through Bollywood films. I am really looking forward to filming in the Valley. It is my first visit. It’s great that our filmmakers are rediscovering Kashmir.

You were from Anupam Kher acting school, What was your first reaction when you faced the camera for the first time?
I have absolutely no film background. I don’t come from a film family and I had never been on a film set until my first film. In a lot of ways, it gave me a little information about what to expect. But at the same time, I think the best education I’ve had is to actually be on a film set and learn from there.

How do you remain so down to earth despite being on the position of a ‘Star’?
Thank you so much for your compliments, But this because my parents who gave me this up-bringing. I look forward to my father who after gaining so much in life is still very humble and down to earth. He is my inspiration.

And how was your journey as of a Down-To-Earth star?
The journey was fabulous. Everyone has their Up’s and Down’s and everyone has to work hard. But for me, It was always a learning lesson on every step of my life. In every film, I think i have learnt something new. And it’ll continue to be like that.

What is Race 2? Would you tell us something about it and your character?
Everyone in Race 2 has a ‘Grey Shade’. Everyone wants to win the Race in the film. There’s a lot of manipulations involved in each character. I play a character of a seductress called Aleena, Who uses her Looks to achieve whatever she wants. This is something very new to me. I have never played such a character in my career so far.

How do you manage to deal with Controversies and Link-Up’s around you?
I don’t react to them at all. I think all these things are a part of my profession. If i am an actress and i am into Limelight, People will definitely talk such things. I don’t Focus on these things. I want people to enjoy my work.

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  1. AZA says:

    Deepika Padukone, she always talks her mind out, she thinks and says what is right for her. she gives the feeling of simple person in her every interview…it is quite amazing. love her always peace.

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