‘Videsh’ agrees on an ‘A’ Certificate.

Preity Zinta at the promotion of film Videshi in Sahara Star on 12th March 2009 (5).JPGWell, ‘Videsh’ a film based on domestic violence has sure been in the new of late and for all the right reasons until recent media reports suggested that the film is too violent and Deepa Mehta has been requested to tone down the battering of Preity Zinta in several scenes.

Preity Zinta, Deepa Mehta at the promotion of film Videshi in Sahara Star on 12th March 2009 (2).JPGWhen we approached Sanjay Bhutiani, CEO of BR Films he said, “The essence of the film is highlighting social issues and domestic violence is one among them. The Censor Board has objected to the brutality in a few scenes and therefore Deepa Mehta and BR Films have decided to go along with the ‘A’ Certificate which would not compromise on the creative integrity of the film.”

‘Videsh’ stars Preity Zinta and introduces Vansh Bhardwaj. The film is based on various social issues highlighting domestic violence as one of the major issues plaguing women all over the world.

‘Videsh’ is a sensitive portrayal of a young bright woman who gets married to a man she has never met. She leaves her loving family behind in India and shifts to Canada only to face the harsh realities of life.

‘Videsh’ is slated for release on the 27th of March.


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