“It’s Not The Longest Yard” – Rensil d’Silva

Rensil d’Silva who wrote one of the most original films ever Rang De Basanti is being accused of plagiarizing the screenplay of David Dhawan’s Hook Ya Crook from the Adam Sandler film The Longest Yard. But Rensil, currently editing his Kareena-Saif directorial debut , denies any similarity between his film and the Peter Segal-directed 2005 prison drama.

“Hook Ya Crook is a prison- break drama.So to that extent there’d be some similarity between Hook Ya Crook and any other prison-break drama. Having said that let me make it clear that my film isn’t at all a copy of Longest Yard.”

Rensil has been eager to visit Hyderabad to check out the prison set that David Dhawan has erected at the Ramuji Rao Studio.

“Unfortunately I’m so tied up with editing the canned footage of my film I can’t take any time off,” ends Rensil regretfully.


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