Arun Daga on a roll!

Singer Arun Daga has a string of songs in his kitty to come out one after the other. A recognized performer of All India Radio in Khayal Gayaki, Arun is keeping mighty busy these days in Bollywood music circuit.

“I have sung a feel-good song composed by Mithun in the film Lamha, which is picturised on Sanjay Dutt with a bunch of kids surrounding him,”

the singer excitedly briefs. Lamha has been directed by Rahul Dholakia of Parzania fame, and will take on terrorism. It also stars Bipasha in the lead.

Apart from Lamha, he will also be singing for five more films with different music composers and in varied genres. The gifted vocalist is on a roll these days and is keeping busy juggling between many films. Apparently, all his hard work will certainly pay off, as his voice will definitely fetch him the much-coveted recognition in the coming year.

He will be singing in the films ‘Behloldana‘ and ‘Good Morning India‘ in Sahil Riyaan’s composition. He is also singing songs for the films Satyam, The Mystery and Mein Hun Sikandar composed by Anwar, Vishu Sharma and Praveen-Manoj respectively.

–Deepa Mishra


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