Ashish Bharti is debuting as a lead actor and director with ‘Black Rainbow’

After acting in theater and short films now, Ashish Bharti is trying his hand in film-making with an adolescent’s eternal love story cum thriller. The film’s title under the banner of U R A World Entertainment ‘Black Rainbow’.

Ashish Bharti is making his debut as a filmmaker and lead actor with the film ‘Black Rainbow’, talking about his debut, he said, “It’s a dream come true moment for me to debut in acting & film-making at this early period of my career. Without any bollywood connection, it’s was very challenging for me because I have to fulfill all the aspects of both crafts very well.I am trying my level best but I need love, support & blessings from audience & film industry .”
‘Black Rainbow’ will be a teenage eternal love story, which will also be a thriller. Which would not only be entangled in the love romance but also will advocate by removing discrepancies in society. The film will also have a take on about the past and the future of people engaged in Naxal activities, which will guide the new path to the confused youth.
Ashish Bharti have only desires that whatever work he do those must be milestone, unparalleled, awesome & admirable.
As of now, Ashish’s full attention is on the making of content based script, best music & songs with the help of capable artists, technicians of his film. In the last month of this year, the unit of his film will move to Jharkhand, Vrindavan (Uttar Pradesh) for shooting and some scenes will be filmed in Mumbai.