Asin Exhausted Spends A Quiet Birthday

Asin’s back-to-back promotional campaigns for London Dreams have left her exhausted.

Asin Thottumkal at Filmfare cover launch in Andheri on 3rd Feb 2009 (6)
Asin Thottumkal at Filmfare cover launch in Andheri on 3rd Feb 2009 (6)

Resting at her home on her birthday on Monday, Asin laughed,

“Actually I hadn’t slept at all that day or the night before. I had been doing back-to-back interviews non-stop for London Dreams for the last one week with just 3-4 hours of sleep. On that day there was no sleep or food at all. Anyway I’m making up for the exhausting week with the most peaceful and happy birthday of my life.”

Asin brought in her birthday with a quiet dinner on Sunday night with her close friends.

“It was eight of my closest friends at dinner. We had a ball. At midnight they made me cut a cake. I felt 12-years old again.”

Earlier during the evening Asin arrived home to a big surprise.

“When I opened the door the entire house was done up with balloons by my parents, just like they used to for my birthdays when I was a child. I had to burst quite a few balloons because there was no room to even walk. I’ve never felt happier.”

On her birthday Asin regained all the weight that she had to lose for her role in London Dreams.

“I had to be much thinner for my character. Now in 24 hours I think I’ve regained all the weight that I lost for London Dreams. I’ve been gorging non-stop on chocolates and chocolate cake. And there’s still so much left.”

The second-half of the day was devoted to spending time with the kids in her high-rise apartment. They all love their Asin Didi and wouldn’t miss her birthday for the world.

“Fortunately there was enough cake and chocolates to go around. So it was great fun. This is the best birthday I had. I woke up to God knows how many sms and missed calls. I can’t believe so many people remembered my birthday and cared about it.”

But by far, the best part of her birthday was provided by her parents.

“When I saw the trouble they had taken over decorating my place I decided then there that I’m the luckiest girl in the world.”

— By Subhash K Jha


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