Atul Kulkarni plays a terrorist in “Chowrasta, Crossroads Of Love”

Atul Kulkarni in Gauri - The Unborn (3).jpgHe made his debut in Hindi films in Kamal Haasan’s “Hem Ram”. He played Shriram Abhyankar, a Hindu fanatic in the film. Then he played a good hearted school teacher in “Kairee”, a gangster in “Chandni Bar”, a corrupt cop in “Dum”, a shrewd politician in “Satta” and a common man caught in a conspiracy in “88 Antop Hill”, among other films.

Atul Kulkarni in Gauri - The Unborn (4).jpgNow he plays a terrorist in Anjan Dutt’s forthcoming film “Chowrasta, Crossroads Of Love” (English), scheduled for release on April 27.

“Chowrasta” is the story with four corners. Nandana, a fading Bollywood star, discovers that she is living on borrowed time, so she is in search of someone who will look after her twelve year old son.

Rita and Sunny realize immediately after their elopement, that marriage is really not a bed of roses. Rita’s expectations from Sunny are different from what he really is capable of.

Jimmy the planter from Darjeeling finds it difficult to face the loneliness that surrounds him, after the death of his wife. He even contemplates ending his life.

Kenny, who is a terrorist on the run realizes, all that he had given to the cause not worth the sacrifice. Nobody really cared whether he was dead or alive.

You never lose anything on the hills, you only find something. All of them found what they wanted in Chowrasta Crossroads of Love.

CAST: Victor Banerjee (Jimmy), Atul Kulkarni (Kenny), Roopa Ganguly (Nandana), Naved Aslam (Sunny), Saswata Chatterjee (Dip), Aparajita (Rita), Arijit Dutta (Jojo), Bhaskar Pradhan (ArunTamang), Vikas Pradhan (Sonam Shiring), Purang Gongha and Neil Bose (Rick).


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