Biker rams straight into Neil’s car

Neil Nitin Mukesh was extremely upset yesterday night after a biker at Marine drive hit his Audi Q7. Neil is in despair because his car is dented despite him taking so much care of it.

Neil hadn’t taken his car out for days. When he took it out just once on Thursday night, a biker saw him and started yelling his name out loudly and moved in circles around his car. Neil waved at him and asked him to drive safe. He then went past Neil and the latter was relieved.

Neil mukesh, Madhur Bhandarkar at the Launch of Jail Music album in  (55)
Neil mukesh, Madhur Bhandarkar

Just sometime later, Neil saw him again at the signal where he zoomed in and damaged the front of Neil’s Audi and also an Indica that was next to the Audi.

Neil was almost in tears when he saw the state of his car. Somehow, he got home without getting into a fight. The biker wasn’t badly hurt. Neil is angry that the biker thinks money comes easy for public figures. He had bought the car after a lot of trouble and now someone’s damaged it.

Nitin Mukesh, Neil’s father, is happy that Neil is alright and not injured. He isn’t upset about the car but is worried about Neil who is so sad over it.


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