Ghayal Sunny still packs a Punch!

It’s goodbye to Sanjay Dutt for now, hello Sunny Deol in Raj Santoshi’s life.
Santoshi has put the expensive historical on the Partition, Jis Lahore Nahin Dekhia Woh Jamia Hi Nahin with Sanjay Dutt in the lead, on indefinite hold. Instead Santoshi is going right ahead with his film with Sunny Deol. Deol and Santoshi have been locked in earnest discussion over the past few weeks. They want to make sure the film will be the perfect comeback vehicle for the exiled star.

Sunny Deol at the Righteous Kill Movie Premiere on 11th September 2008 (6)
Sunny Deol at the Righteous Kill Movie Premiere on 11th September 2008 (6)

Says Santoshi,

“I’d love to work with Sanjay Dutt. But the historical requires a whole lot more research and a huge budget which we can’t afford at this time. I’m at the moment making a film with Sunny Deol written by me and Sridhar Ragahavan to be produced by me. In fact Sunny just left my office,”

Santoshi said on Tuesday afternoon.

The estranged hit jodi of Sunny Deol and Raj Kumar Santoshi is coming together again after 13 years. They last worked together in Ghatak. Confirming this development at a time when Sunny’s career has hit the lowest ebb Santoshi says,

“Yes, Sunny and I are working together after so many years. He still packs in the same punch.”

Ask Santoshi about the rough patch that Sunny’s career is going through, and the director jumps to his old favourite’s defense.

“It’s unfortunate that some of Sunny’s recent films haven’t worked. That doesn’t mean Sunny didn’t work. He’s still our best action hero. And we’ll prove it. We gave a new definition to action cinema in Ghayal. Again we hope to do the kind of action that audiences haven’t seen before. Sunny doesn’t need to flash six packs to be an action hero. One look from him is enough to defeat an army of enemies.”

–By Subhash K Jha


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