Jodha Akbar in Hongkong International Awards.

Nitin Chandrakant Desai at Marathi Pravha channel preview in Cinemax on 19th November 2008(24).JPGWhile the audiences are still not over the Slumdog Millionaire craze and all the international accolade it has brought, here is more good news from the Indian forefront. The Hongkong International Awards have acknowledged the achievement of another grand film,

Jodha Akbar by nominating Art Director and Production Designer Nitin Chandrakant Desai for the exquisite sets and Music Director A R Rahman for the soulful music for the film.

Imagine the furore it would create if the film wins Well, we wouldn’t be surprised really since bothe the wizards have used their magic wands to the maximum and done such a fabulous job. Looks like India is on its way to be included in the main category of international cinema.


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