Madhavan Has Wings

Neetu Chandra, Madhavan, Poonam Dhillon at 13b music launch in Cinemax, Andheri, Mumbai on 18th Feb 2009 (3).JPGMadhavan has always dreamed of being a pilot and he is realizing his dream through his roles in the movies. Madhavan is living upto the thrills of maneuvering an aero model. A sources close to the actor said,”

Neetu Chandra, Madhavan at World Gaming day event hosted by Zapak on 12th Feb 2009 (7).JPGMadhavan enjoys gathering various technical parts to create an aero model and then flies it. Remembering his childhood days,” Madhavan exclaims When I was in NCC we used to fly the single engine Cessna planes. We used to fly over the Sherwood Forest which is popularly known as Robin Hood Forest. It was a very beautiful experience.

Few know that Madhavan is qualified engineer in aeronautics and flying is his passion. “If he had not got into acting, Madhavan would have definitely been a pilot. However he is now treating his passion for flying as a hobby.” He further adds” It’s a feeling which can’t b expressed but has to be felt to understand it. When I attach my camera to the top of the aircraft and when I have a look at it, it rally give me a feeling like I have wings and am flying.


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