My character is not comic but very intense in ‘Bombairiya’ says, Radhika Apte

Radhika Apte who will be seen playing a PR agent in a coming comedy, ‘Bombairiya‘ says her character isn’t comic but very intense.

Radhika interacted with media on Wednesday at the trailer launch of her upcoming film, ‘Bombairiya’ alongside co-star Sidhant Kapoor, Akshay Oberoi, and director Pia Sukanya and more.

When asked about her experience working in a comedy, Radhika said the film is a comedy but her character is not comic.”She is very serious actually. I am funny in the film but the driving force of the character is not funny, it’s extremely anxious. The character is not comic, it is the situation. She is a very intense character not going in her life is very intense tragic and traumatic in many ways. Because of what’s going on in life she is very agitated anxious and urgent in her life.”

Explaining the film’s comic nature further, Apte said, ” The beauty of the film is that, in spite of many characters being at the edge of something very crucial and difficult the entire situation is looked at as a very objective perspective and seen as a chaos of the city. It is about trying to find the basic fundamentals that can join the people and I think the best way to live life is if can laugh at what is happening.

So I think that’s why it is funny because the approach is like that. The writer and the director are looking at it like that.”

The straight face comedy hasn’t been a dominant genre in the Indian Film Industry when asked what makes it work for ‘Bombairiya’ she said, “I think what was different was in such a scenario there are a lot of characters involved especially in this film and there is a lot of timing involved. Everything has to be timed in a way that then the situation becomes funny.

There is a different timing where the comedy comes into place. I believe that was very different for me to do that and find out how to pace the scene and bring that element out.”

Apart from Radhika ‘Bombairiya’ also stars, Siddhant Kapoor, Akshay Oberoi, Ravi Kishan, Adil Hussain, Shilpa Shukla, Ajinkya Deo, and Amit Sial in pivotal roles.

Comedy Drama, ‘Bombairiya’ is directed by Pia Sukanya and written by an Irish man, Michale E Ward.


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