Named By Forbes As One Of The Most Bankable Bollywood Stars In Hollywood Hrithik Says He Has No Plans Of Going International

hrithik020_hicelebdottk.jpgHrithik Roshan , just selected by Forbes among the half a dozen Bollywood actors who have a name in Hollywood, was delighted and surprised when he was recognized on the streets in the US while shooting for Kites.

Hrithik_icool_23.jpg“That was a change. It makes me feel good to see our films are crossing borders . At a bank in the US when you’re withdrawing money you are delighted to realize that the person on other end of the counter know you are.Or salesgirls at shops…they recognize you and go, ‘Are you?….And when you tell them, they go, ‘Wow’ …yeah it feels good.”

However Hrithik is not courting interntional success with his first English-language film Kites.

“I haven’t set any goals for myself as such. I just want to keep evolving as an actor and a person. That’s the only mission in my career. If Kites takes me international , I’ll be happy.”

Ironically Hrithik Roshan Kites co-star Barbara Mori came to Mumbai and went without being recognized.

Says Hrithik, “We knew it would be safe to get her down because she had come to Mumbai last year and attended a fashion show with my wife Susanne, right there in front of the cameras.She was here for a week and went all over Mumbai without being recognized. Nobody bothered her. She walked the Fashion Street and no one bothered her. So we knew it was okay to get her over.”

By Subhash K Jha


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