Neha Dhupia is all set to win Bollywood!

Neha Dhupia at Rama Rama Kya Hai Dramaa premiere at Cinemax on Jan 30th 2008 (66).jpgNeha Dhupia at BIG FM studios on Feb 7th 2008 (22).jpgNeha Dhupia at the premiere of Mithiya at PVT on Feb 7th 2008 (94).jpg

For Neha Dhupia fans, if updates are missing, then here is some masala to cud on. The Bollywood sexy siren is all about Denims and confesses her undying love for them while admitting that her profession demands her to don all sorts of apparels, jeans is where her heart lies. The glamour doll turns wise and is ready cash on the critical acclaim that her Mithya brought with it. Ready to take over to Bollywood with a vengeance, the actress confesses of receiving better scripts and offer.

Now, that is what we call beauty with brain, not that we ever doubted hers. She will be starring in Maharathi that also casts a notorious foursome, namely Naseeruddin Shah, Om Puri, Paresh Rawal and Boman Irani. Now we all know the silver of these four talents, so what Neha has to do is keep her glamour aside and bank on her acting caliber. Taking life as it comes, Neha is all determined to make the best while it pours.