Not Without Kareena: Saif Shoots Music Video Solo

By Subhash K Jha- Why was Kareena Kapoor not part of the music video that was shot by Rensil D’Silva on Tuesday although she is very much part of Kurbaan and when she was in fact shooting for another film by the same producers (Dharma Productions)?

Kareena Kapoor promotes Qurbaan on Radio Mirchi in Mumbai on 27th Oct 2009 (15)
Kareena Kapoor promotes Qurbaan on Radio Mirchi in Mumbai on 27th Oct 2009 (15)

Kareena says she wasn’t needed. But Saif and Rensil, after shooting with the actor alone decided she was needed after all. Images of Kareena were finally included in Saif’s music video.

Saif Ali Khan shot a music video for Kurbaan, a seductive tag-on for the film which takes its director Rensil D’Silva back to his roots.

Laughed Rensil, “Yeah, I used to shoot music videos ten years ago. I feel I’ve gone back in time. We decided to do a music video for Kurbaan. But not the usual shor-sharaaba flashy promotional video.”

The unusual music video shot at Mukesh Mills in Mumbai was conceptualized by Rensil and choreographed by Bosco. It featured Saif and the chorus dancers in spiritual postures.

Says Rensil, “Unlike the usual music videos this was more spirit than body. There is a lot of visual imagery in the song that we haven’t captured before in any music video. Though there are chorus dancers accompanying Saif you won’t see them or Saif doing the usual gyrations.”

Rensil was very clear about the music video defining the film’s theme. He was also quite sure it would feature only Saif.

But then Kareena’s presence was sorely missed. Apparently Saif suggested that she be present in the music video at least in spirit.

“How could we not have Kareena in the video? I mean she’s the music in the film,” reasons Rensil.

The director chose what he thought to be her finest dramatic shots from the film and placed them in the music video as images passing by while Saif performs the song in the foreground.

“The impact is potent,” says Rensil. “Kareena’s the soul of the film. Though we shot the song Kurbaan hua without her participation we had to finally acknowledge the fact that she lends a lyricism to our film.”


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