Om Shanti Om: Om and Shanti

Om Shanti OmWell; it’s time to say ‘Hurry Up!’ because of the news of the release of the much awaited movie Om Shanti Om, which uncurtained last week in the theaters in india and overseas. Following a tough competition, this movie landed in the audience’ hearts very well. I m sure it’s going to stay long compared to the other movies released on the same day. Because of its 2000 screen worlwide, it is exploding its success like the crackers of Diwali going high and high in the air (It is the biggest release of this year in the Bollywood market). Before giving the light to it, I must say that the king of bollywood “apun ka bazigar” Shah Rukh Khan, once again proved that he is the one who can fight like a one-man army.

Rating: 3/5

It is not just a movie dreamt by Farah khan; it is a vision which is entertaining its audience with the ingredients such as the acting, songs, direction and story line. As a producer, King Khan delivered his best in the movie. Farah khan seems very transparent to the question whether she was able to make her dream come true or not. Her only answer was, “Let the film go to the audinece and you will have and answer”. Well; like the other bollywood masala movies, Om Shanti Om also has a half dozen bewitching songs with good dance moves and good lyrics. Shah Rukh Khan involved his body and soul outside the movie as well for promoting the movie worldwide.

Shahrukh Khan as Om in Om Shanti Om
Shahrukh Khan as Om in Om Shanti Om

Om prakash Makhija (Shahrukh khan) is a man with a lot of drems in his life like all the other people in India. He wants to become a famous actor with luxurious living and a great fan circle. He is a great fan of popular Shanti Priya (Deepika Padukone). His family consists of his mother (Kiran Kher) and his friend (Shreyas Talpade). Om has got a deep faith in his talent, and this talent had been lying behind the curtain before that accident on one of the film sets happened. The accident turned out to be a golden opportunity for Om to get introduced to Shanti. However, Shanti was already married to Mukesh Mehra (Arjun Rampal). The rest of the things in the movie is left for you to watch at the theater. For sure, Om Shanti Om has an action-packed climax.

Deepika Padukone as Shanti in Om Shanti Om
Deepika Padukone as Shanti in Om Shanti Om

About the faws; its first and second half have got a lot of similarities. Sometime you might feel that it is a repeatition of the scenes. The rebirth part of Shahrukh Khan in the movie is not very convincing, and it is not handled well even. In the Indian movies this scene has been picturized million times with hell lot of trials; but the recarnation is something which is not very familiar to the global audience.

Shahrukh Khan as Om in Om Shanti Om
Shahrukh Khan as Om in Om Shanti Om

After her first movie Mein Hoo Na, Farah Khan attempted Om Shanti Om songs very well, and some songs are topping the charts now. Cinematographer V Manikanda mesmerizes you with the colour and eye-catching sets. So, if you wish to watch Mr. Khan in the Bollywood ‘Ishtyle’, go and watch it.

Rating: 3/5


  1. pure entertaintment !!!! a must see for every bollywood fan. watch the movie
    and when you come out of the cinema you will have a six-pack yourself (due to the thousands of funny scenes) shahrukh proofs once again his supertalent. the award show is fabulous. thanks farah !!! your movie rocks !!!

  2. SRK is turning old. He should consider roles according to his age. Padukone should change her surname 😉 Deepika sounds much sexier than Deepika Padukone.










  4. EXCELLENT!!!! is the word that came after i saw OSO…..SRK is just so ADORABLE……there is no doubt he is the KING KHAN or BAADSHAH…..i am SRK’s fan since i was 3yrs….n i m proud to be the BIGGEST fan of SRK….long live SRK……SRK ur my GOD!!!!!
    Deepika has done a very good job…..very lucky that her first film is wit SRK….overall i wud rate the movie….100/100

  5. OSO is a rocking movie made by Farah Khan director of Main Hoon Na.OSO contains everything-humour,action,romance,comedy and reincarnation which was lost in the Bollywood movies after Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai(2000)which starred Hrithik Roshan and Amisha Patel.The cast has done a goo job but the best one are SRK,Arjun and Deepika.The music also rocks as much as the film but the best track is ‘Dard-E-Disco’.
    The story:-
    Om Prakash Makhija(SRK)is a junior artiste in the Bollywood movies of 70s which is considered as the golden era of Bollywood.He has a best friend Pappu Master(Shreyas Talpade)who advises Om to change his surname from Makhija to something else but Om fears what his overacting mother Bela Makhija(Kirron Kher)will say.He is in love with the superstar of 70s Shantipriya(Deepika Padukone)whom he meets for the first time at the ‘Dreamy Girl’ premiere.One day during a fire sequence shooting of movie ‘Ma Bharti’ which is just like ‘Mother India’ where Shantipriya is trapped in the fire and Ricky Sandhu(Raman)the film’s hero has to jump in the fire to save Shantipriya but refuses to do so and later goes away from the shooting.Om jumps in the fire and saves Shantipriya risking his own life and since then Om and Shantipriya become friends.To impress Shantipriya Pappu gives a fake name to Om which is Omaswami Shantinathan whose last film was a golden jubilee and he is going to do a movie ‘MIND IT’.Om reveals to Shantipriya that he is a junior artiste but Shantipriya tells that she can do anything to repay the favour which Om did by saving her except jumping in fire.Om invites him to the 7th floor of RC studios.One day Om notices Shantipriya going to her makeup room after a shooting without recognising him.Om hides in the store room and sees Shantipriya arguing with Mukesh Mehra(Arjun Rampal)a big film producer of 70s who only thinks about profit where it is revealed that Shantipriya is married to Mukesh since last 2 years and is pregnant.Om feels betrayed in love so he starts avoiding Shantipriya.One day Shantipriya is escorted by Mukesh to the sets of OM SHANTI OM-the biggest film ever made in the history of Bollywood cinema.Mukesh says that the set will be dismantled bcoz Mukesh was making the film for Shantipriya but now nobody can replace Shantipriya but before that Mukesh and Shantipriya will get married in front of everybody but this is a plan made by Mukesh Mehra bcoz he is angry with Shantipriya’s demands so he burns Shantipriya alive.Om sees Mukesh going away leaving Shantipriya locked in the burning studio.Om tries to save Shantipriya but is beaten by Mukesh’s guards.Om enters the studio and tries to save Shantipriya but due to a cylinder blast Om is thrown out of the studio and is hit by Rajesh Kapoor’s(Javed Sheikh)car who is reaching his wife Lovely(Asawari Joshi)to hospital bcoz she is pregnant.Om is also taken in the same hospital where Lovely is admitted.Lovely gives birth to a son and Om dies.30 years later Om is reborn as Om Kapoor or OK,son of Rajesh Kapoor who is famous actor in the movies of 2007.OK always reaches late on the shoot and without shooting does pack up.One day after a shooting when OK is coming out of the studio he meets Bela who is now old who claims that OK is his son Om but is consoled by Pappu that it is not Om but OK whose face only resembles Om and for Pappu and Bela Om disappeared 30 years ago.One day for a superhero film shooting OK demands from Anwar(Nitish)OK’s secretary to find a real location for the shooting.The location selected is the burned RC studios bcoz according to the director Vishal of Vishal-Shekhar fame an abandoned place was needed for the film shooting.OK starts remembering some of his past in RC studios.He goes towards the door of studio 1 where he sees Shantipriya locked in the burning studio after which he gets scared.After the film shooting rain starts so OK has to go to makeup room of Shantipriya so he sees Shantipriya arguing with Mukesh and Om who resembles OK listening to them by hiding in the store room.OK sees the snow globe which Om threw 30 years ago in the pond bcoz he was betrayed in love by Shantipriya.OK wins the best actor award in the FILMFARE awards where he remembers a speech given by Om in front of Pappu and some kids.OK meets Mukesh who is now called Mike who was in Hollywood for last 25 years and wants to make a comeback in Bollywood by making a movie with OK.OK meets Bela and Pappu and tells his plan to Pappu.OK discusses with Mukesh that he wants to remake OM SHANTI OM and he enquires about Shantipriya who Mukesh claims disappeared(the reality I’ll tell later).OK meets Sandhya alias Sandy who resembles Shantipriya and is chosen to play Shantipriya.OK takes Mike to the burned RC studios and keeps a muhurat of OM SHANTI OM.OK makes a plan of having a spark behind the photograph of Shantipriya during the muhurat of OM SHANTI OM but nothing happens suddenly Shantipriya’s photograph starts burning on its own.Mike as per the plan of OK goes to meet Dolly(Ulvika Chaudhary)but sees Shantipriya’s ghost instead who is actually Sandy and gets scared.
    Mike finds out that the ghost of Shantipriya is actually Sandy who was told to scare Mike so that he confesses that he murdered Shantipriya when Mike follows Sandy a candle falls on Sandy and blood flows on her hand.A chandelier hits Mike and Mike becomes unconscious.When Mike gets up OK tells all the things which Mike told Shantipriya 30 years ago which was actually a plan of Mike.OK reveals about his past life to Mike and tells that OK as Om died along with Shantipriya that night.OK and Mike sees a girl resembling Shantipriya.The girl tells that Mike came back after the fire had extinguished and buried Shantipriya alive under the chandelier.After a fight between Mike and OK a chandelier falls on Mike and Mike dies.OK sees the girl till Sandy along with Pappu and Anwar comes from the front door.OK comes to know that it was Shantipriya’s ghost who burned Shantipriya’s photograph and made the chandelier hit Mike.Shantipriya’s ghost disappears and OK and Sandy unite at the end.The movie is superb.A good attempt by Farah Khan.I give it *****=5 stars.

  6. i i just wann say that SRK is the best and he will be the best, no doubt that hirithk is a good actor but no one will challange the king of the hearts



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