‘Padh Lu’ from ‘Life of Five’ web series is a perfect song for this season’s Valentine’s Day says Shweta Tiwari

Television actress Shweta Tiwari has said that romantic song ‘Padh Lu’ from forthcoming web series ‘Life of Five’ is a perfect song for this season’s Valentine’s Day. She also added that she is looking forward to watching the show and she hoped that the audience would also appreciate it.

Shweta Tiwari was interacting with News Helpline at the launch of ‘Padh Lu’ song from the forthcoming web series titled ‘Life of Five’ along with cast and crew of the show on Saturday in Mumbai.

Talking about the song, Shweta said, “It’s a beautiful song. When Sagar (Mhadolakar) came to my house that time, he made me listen to this song but I didn’t see visuals of it. I was looking forward to seeing the video. I feel the actors are looking really beautiful in it. It’s a perfect romantic song for this season’s Valentine’s Day. I am looking forward to watching the show and I am sure that audiences are also going to enjoy it.”

‘Padh Lu’ is sung and written by Sandeep Jaiswal and it is composed by Gaurav and Sandeep. The song is streaming on Media Films Craft Music’s YouTube channel.

Shweta’s daughter Palak Tiwari is making her Hindi film debut with ‘Rosie: The Saffron Chapter alongside Vivek Oberoi. Shweta knows the lead actress of ‘Life of Five’, Sakshi Mhadolkar since her childhood, when asked Shweta how it feels as parents when kids grow up and achieve their dreams, she said, “When your kids grow up in front of you then you know what their dreams are. We feel happy when our dreams come true but we feel even happier when your kids’ dreams come true. I always feel that everyone doesn’t have the same amount of talent and passion for work.”

She added, “There are a lot of people who want to become an actor but they don’t have the talent but there are people who have talent and passion for work and they also get an opportunity then that’s the right time for them to take off and we should celebrate that. I am very proud of my kids, Sakshi (Mhadolkar) and other kids who are working in this show. They have got what they wanted, so I hope that they achieve greater success in their lives.”

‘Life of Five’ is a fun and youthful show which revolves around five close friends. It is produced by Navroz Prasla and directed by Sejal Somaiya and Sagar Mhadolkar. It features Sakshi Mhadolkar, Khushi Dubey, Devish Ahuja, Namit Shah and Ayush Narang in key roles. The show is slated to release in March.