Rajiv Khandelwal pitches permanent tent in Ladakh

Rajeev Khandelwal at Promotional music video Mehfooz for film Aamir in  Flora Fountain on May 9th 2008(19).JPGMumbai, July 25 (IANS) Barely a month after a holiday in Leh, Rajiv Khandelwal, who earned critical acclaim for his performance in “Aamir”, is off to Ladakh for another holiday.”The last trip to Leh right after the release of ‘Aamir’ was too hectic and too short. This time I’m going to relax. And I’ve made sure that I can keep going to Leh and Ladakh without having to bother with practicalities,” Rajiv told IANS.

Rajeev Khandelwal at the Launch of Aamir DVD at Milan Mall on July 5th 2008 (14).JPGRajeev Khandelwal at the Aamir premiere in Cinemax on June 5th 2008(47).JPGRajeev Khandelwal at Promotional music video Mehfooz for film Aamir in  Flora Fountain on May 9th 2008(12).JPG

Rajiv, who shot to fame as Sujal in Ekta Kapoor‘s popular series “Kahiin To Hoga”, is so much in love with the place that he has converted a normal heavy vehicle into a camping car that he will use on his trips.

“I bought a Tata 207 truck and got it converted into a camp car, which I’ll now use in Ladakh whenever I visit. The vehicle was sent ahead of me this time and it will remain there permanently at least for the next two years as long as my brother is posted there. After that we’ll see.

“I can’t dream of not going to Ladakh and Leh. Every time I have time off I want to rush only to that part of the world. I feel I’m linked to the place from an earlier life.”

This time Rajiv’s best friend and the latter’s wife will accompany the actor. “We’ll be camping in the wilderness of Leh in a proper tent and absolutely no connectivity with the world.”Speaking of his work, Rajiv has taken two scripts along to read.

“I don’t think I’ll read them. But at least this time I’m less ambitious and more realistic than last time when I had taken seven-eight scripts.”When I’m in Leh, I can’t even think about work. The humdrum seems so remote and pointless.”

What about a suitable companion for these ideal holidays? “There’s nothing I enjoy more than my own company. But if you mean a girlfriend, then what can I do if I don’t have anyone to fill that vacancy in my life?”

Rajiv returns from Leh in the first week of August to prepare for his second feature film “Peter Gaya Kaam Se” in Goa.
“Does that sound like a paid vacation? It is not. Vacationing in Goa and shooting there are two different things. After my last trip to Ladakh, I needed a holiday to get over my holiday. After shooting in Goa, I’ll be back in Ladakh for sure.”

You just can’t keep Rajiv away from his most favourite spot on earth.


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