Salman’s generous nature

Salman Khan on Bol Baby Bol (2).jpgSalman has taken it to his heart to change his image. He has been not only doing a good job at Dus Ka Dum, he is genuinely touching people’s lives. He is probably one of the hosts, whom people would love to meet. Even he is able to relate to the participants in the show. In a surprisingly generous gesture, the muscular and popular superstar gave away one lakh form his own pocket to a sweeper.

Salman Khan at the Dus Ka Dum launch in Taj land_s End on June 2nd 2008(31).JPGSalman Khan at the Music Launch of Jimmy in D Ultimate Club on March 31th 2008(3).jpgSalman Khan at CN Wadia Cup  in Mahalaxmi Race Course on March 9th 2008(8).jpg

Salman Khan is not only giving away huge amount of money in the show but he didn’t fail to give away some money from his own pocket after listening to the troubles of a BMC sweeper. The sweeper was heartbroken after he got eliminated from the show. Seeing this, Sallu came near him and asked the reason of his being upset. The sweeper described his financial issues and narrated his story.

The sweeper told Salman that he earns about 3.5k and after repaying 2.5k every month for the loans he has taken, he gets only 1 k left for his expenditures. Hearing this, Salman asked his driver to get one lakh rupees and got it within one hour and gave it to him. Seeing this, the sweeper could hardly believe his luck. He went ahead and touched Salman’s feet and thanked him.

Good work Salman!


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