Shooting for 3 Nights 4 Days was a vacation -Farid Amiri

Farid Amiri as an actor is just a few films old, but he has taken up the responsibility of a Producer with film 3 Nights 4 Days. ‘Dhoom‘, ‘Golmaal‘, ‘Sunday‘ and ‘Kalyug‘ are the films to his credit, where he has played character-oriented roles.

And now, under his production banner along with the co-producer Devang Dholkia he is all set with a film titled ‘3 Nights 4 Days‘. Devang is seated on the director’s chair as well. The film slated to release on October 9, also stars Hrishita Bhatt, Anuj Sawhney, Madhuri Bhattacharya, Sameer Aftab, Pinky Harwani, Sanda Caktas and Areesz Gandhi.

Farid Amiri in a candid interview talks about his newly invented career and experience while making ‘3 Nights 4 Days‘.

You have turned producer with this film. How does it feel to don the cap at such an early stage in your career?

It feels absolutely great. It gives you a different high for being a part of film right from the time of conceptualization days to see it come live. Of course, it is a huge responsibility and honestly, I have had a wonderful experience with no complaints.

Are you satisfied with the way the film has shaped up?

Absolutely, I’m more than satisfied and extremely confident about this product, which will come as a refreshing treat for cine-goers.

The title ‘3 Nights 4 Days‘ sounds interesting? Shed some light on the storyline?

3 Nights 4 Days‘ is a story, which revolves around six friends who parted their ways after college and decide to reunite on one of their friend’s wedding in Goa. And how they rediscover themselves and what happens next is interesting to witness.

How does your character figure out?

I am one of these friends who have enjoyed stardom, till now. However, due to being choosy about his roles, his career is in the declining stage as he is not able to do it his way. And what compounds his misery is the offer of character-oriented roles (second leads), which are coming his way. He too rediscovers himself with this reunion with friends, and at the same time he is confident about his comeback in films and never gives up.

The movie showcases the lives of college mates who part ways and then reunite…does it remind you of your college days?

(Smiles) The movie definitely took me down the memory lanes where I had a gala time during a reunion with my friends. We too used to plan our trips to Goa and have fun like never before.

Till now you have donned all character-oriented roles, will ‘3 Nights 4 Days‘ showcase you in a lead role?

Well, every character in the film is equally important. So, it will be very difficult to categorize the characters in lead or character oriented roles. So, the best and beautiful part is- all characters’ compliment each other.

How have you been as a producer, since producers in the industry are considered to be very particular about the budget, was it difficult to strike a balance between acting and responsibility as a producer?

Honestly, my co-producer and director Devang Dholkia took the financial decisions. Yes, it was difficult to strike a balance, but I took the responsibility of creative supervision- such as costumes, over all look and feel of the film, which was a damn good experience, as I got to learn so much. As the title suggests ‘3 Nights 4 Days‘, the entire experience has been like a 3 nights 4 days holiday package.

What about your other films in the pipeline?

Love.Com‘, ‘Marega Salaa‘ again a film by Devang is a murder mystery and ‘Tum Milo Toh Sahi‘ are some films in my kitty. Honestly, I would like to concentrate on producing films now, and definitely won’t be acting in all the films I produce.

–Esha Razdan


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