Sneha Wagh’s a ‘dancing doll’

The girl is talented and we will tell you how. Sunjoy wadhwa chose her for the lead role of ‘Jyoti’ mainly because of her classical dance. We spoke to Sneha and were astonished to learn that this young girl is full of talent. Let us hear from the horses mouth itself.

“You will be surprised to know that I have been learning Bharatnatyam since two. For 14 years I have learnt Kucchipurri and Kathak. I have done my arangathram

in Bharatnatyam and kucchipurri. Let me give you a brief on what Arangatham is actually. Arangatham is something you do after you learnt everything in classical dancing. You then give a performance as a tribute to your guru, to show how well have you learnt from him”, says a much obedient student Sneha.

She continues with her saga, “I have been learning Indian folk for 3 years. It is very ethnic in Indian folk. I am basically a dance lover. Whenever I have to dance I feel very happy and gay”.

So that’s one side of the coin. What about western dance, the other side of the coin? Can she shake her hips as well as she shakes her eyes in Bharatnatyam.

“To tell you frankly, I used to like western dance but when I excelled in classical dancing that likeness faded away. It is not that I cannot dance on western beats but now I prefer classical dancing. Talking about western dancing I love salsa and samba but unfortunately didn’t get the opportunity to learn it. All these choreographers from Jhalak Dikhla Ja are my friends. To see them perform salsa and teach is just great. It is not easy to teach salsa to everyone. I don’t find western dancing very graceful. Classical dance is any day more graceful. Salsa, samba and all are very stiff dancing, but classical dancing is very different”.

So how did she get started with classical dancing?

“My mother is the one who wanted me to learn classical dancing. In the start I used to cry and never dance. Gradually I started dancing and I started loving it. When people started appreciating me I gained more confidence for classical dancing”.

There are a lot of celebrities who are classical dancers and even give performances. So does she idolize any one of them?

“I love watching Hemaji dance. I have seen all of her live performances and I just love to see her dance. In that ways I adore Madhuri too. She is a combination of beauty and brains.

I dance whenever I am upset. That sets my mood right. That is like my energy booster.”

What about her dancing in her show, ‘Jyoti’?

“I am so very grateful to God to showing me the right direction. I really don’t know how to thank God for all this. I just can’t believe this is happening to me. Sunjoy sir has been very kind to give me a chance to show the world what I excel in. I am dancing all the through in Jyoti. If u have a desire to do something and when you are getting all the opportunities to explore it, that really feels great and simply wonderful. That is what I am currently feeling on the sets of Jyoti”, says Sneha signing off.


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