Taki Sawant Exposes Pinu Patel!

Viagra, Virginity and Sexuality, a Candid Tête-à-Têtes with Pinu Patel on the ‘Taki Sawant Show’
Pinu Patel the enigmatic restaurateur/ bachelor from London, who has been the center of an explosive controversy in Mumbai, is slated to appear for a candid one on one chat with the famous Bollywood item girl turned TV host Taki Sawant on the ‘Taki Sawant Show.’

Pinu, a fairly unknown restaurant owner from London, is currently in Mumbai to “explore” further business and personal opportunities,and became the darling of the Indian media after he was caught with his pants down, literally. Pinu Patel’s tryst with a Bollywood starlet and subsequent overdose on Viagra in an attempt to “woo” her graced the headlines of all major national media outlets and has caused both great amusement and outrage nationwide.

Since this “painful” and “embarrassing” exposé, Pinu has shied away from the media, causing further speculation amongst the masses of the reasons behind his excessive medical aid and has led to further investigation by the journalistic community behind his intent.

A reputed journalist from a major publication, who does not wish to give away his identity, has revealed that he has solid evidence to prove that Pinu Patel the eligible bachelor from London is a 35 year old virgin. His Viagra overdose is directly correlated to his inability to perform with women sexually. In spite of his great credentials, several women in the past have rejected Pinu’s marriage proposal for reasons best termed as sketchy. The big question that now plagues the masses and intrigues gossip mongers everywhere is whether Pinu Patel is GAY.

Throughout this extremely uncomfortable ordeal, Pinu has maintained a stoic silence. However, when his sexual orientation was brought into question, Pinu has finally decided to “come out” in the open and clear any misunderstanding that maybe floating around about him via the extremely popular ‘Taki Sawant Show.’

Taki Sawant an enterprising TV hostess is known for her bold, in your face, tell it like it is attitude, which has flabbergasted many a popular celebrity in the past. Pinu’s decision to make his first open, public statement regarding his sexuality on the ‘Taki Sawant Show’ surprised many, but when questioned about his risqué decision; he said “I appreciate Taki’s complete honesty. While it maybe easy to fool other TV hosts, it is impossible to deceive Taki. She can sense a lie, always. She is not afraid to call a spade a spade. I appreciate that.”

Popular film personality and gay rights activist Karan will be Taki’s co-host for the special ‘Pinu Patel Hour.’ By roping in Karan, Taki hopes to enlist the support of a prominent human rights proponent in her quest to know the truth and in turn extend it to her interviewee in case of a life-altering revelation.

With the press hot on trail of this shocking tale, Bollywood is not too far behind. So intrigued are they by Pinu Patel’s gnarled life that a film titled ‘Straight-Pinu Patel Ki Tedhi Medhi Love Story’ has been made chronicling his adventures and his ultimate quest for love.

Straight-Pinu Patel Ki Tedhi Medhi Love Story is collaboration between Sony Pictures Entertainment and IDream Production Private Limited with online strategy and creative consultation provided by Desimad. Desimad is one of India’s most popular online video networks (Top 5) for professional and consumer generated Content. Desimad was created with a vision to offer the Indian youth a wide variety of edgy ‘desi’ content in the form of videos, comics, animation, music, photos and games.

Straight-Pinu Patel Ki Tedhi Medhi Love Story is a snazzy, hip, entertaining, modern day fairytale with a twist! Directed by Parvati Balagopalan (dir. Rules-Pyar ka super hit formula), the film stars Vinay Pathak, Gul Panag, Anuj Choudhary & Ketaki Dave.

Straight- Pinu Patel Ki Tedhi Medhi Love Story is slated to release in over a 100 theatres across India on March 20th.


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