Actress Tanaaz Irani is directing an all-women play titled “Selfie The Play”, and says it’s an experience of a lifetime.

Tanaaz first directed a play titled “Ask What Fathers Say” 15 years ago for Sandeep Sikand’s production, and then directed “Dhoom Macha De” nine years ago.

She insists her new play is nothing like she has ever done before.

“Though I have directed two plays before this, this is a completely different experience. In fact, an experience of a lifetime. We have got a terrific script and an amazing cast,” Tanaaz said in a statement.

“I am extremely happy with how it is turning out to be.”

Tanaaz also stars in the play along with Kishwer Merchant, Shweta Gulati, Priya Malik and Dimple Shah. The play is produced by Paritosh Painter.