Television Synopsis: Episode-81 26th October 09. All the members of are petrified about things happening around. They all witness strange events taking place. Even Maniben and her family members heard strange sounds of a lady, which scares them. They follow the noise, out of their bungalow but they see nothing except Dhiru Baba (watchman) in the garden.

Smriti Irani in the Maniben Scooter on SAB Tv on 8th June 2009 (5)
Smriti Irani in the Maniben Scooter on SAB Tv on 8th June 2009 (5)


27th October 09

Maniben and family are enquiring with the watchman about the weird sounds. The watchman replies that he has often heard such sounds and his statement created more confusion and fear in the everyone’s minds. All the family members decide to leave the bungalow except Jaman who says we will leave the bungalow only after he gets his money which is Rs. 50,00,000. The entire family had to stay back in the bungalow with the fear. They were all observing different kind of strange events.


28th October 09

Maniben convinced Jaman to leave the bungalow. Jaman call the agent (babu bhai) and tells him to arrange to refund his money. The agent tells Jaman that he will be able to help him only when all the documents of the property are produced to him Maniben tries to find the property papers and is shocked that the papers are missing from her cupboard.


29th October 09

The agent tells them without the papers he cannot do anything but he can arrange Rs. 10,00,000. The grandfather (real ghost) owner of the bungalow sympathies with Maniben and family members seeing all the drama made by Kedar, Sejal and company. Grand father (ghost) gives the original papers to Maniben. In the mean while police comes and arrest the Babu bhai and his company. All are exposed.


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