The character of Shourya is quite adventurous – Sourabh Pandey

Sourabh Pandey who made his television debut through Synergy Adlabs, Jiya Jale will now be seen as Shourya in his new adventurous serial, Shourya aur Suhani. This Delhi based actor feels that this serial is surely going to attract the kids and is very confident about the shows success.

We spoke to Sourabh Pandey about his role and more…

How did you the get the role of Shourya?
It was through auditions. The production house called me for the screen test and thus I got the role of Shourya. I’m quite excited about this role which is quite new and adventurous for me and so I’m looking forward for this serial to get on-air.

What kind of preparations you have done for this role?
I have really worked hard for this role and the character which I play needs to be well build, so for that I have worked out for 6 months under the training of Mr.Maharashtra and Mr. India Amit Roy, which included rigorous work-outs and balance diet. Moreover I have also seen adventurous films like Tarzan, Krrish et al.

What is your character Shourya all about?
The character of Shourya is quite adventurous and helps the needy in their crisis. You can call him messiah. He can’t see the injustice happening to the innocent people but at the same time he is very honest and romantic.

Tell us about your experience shooting the action sequences?
It was again thrilling and adventurous. While shooting I have got hurt but later on it feels great to be the part of the new adventurous serial.

Do you think this serial will gain huge TRP during the weekends?
This serial is especially for kids as they are not interested in those saas-bahu serials. They like to watch adventurous serials and in the past also these kids have liked thrilling serials. I’m hoping this serial will also be liked by the kids.

Would you try your luck in Bollywood?
Oh Why not and frankly speaking every other new comer who comes to Mumbai wants to be in films and if I get good roles, I will definitely do it.


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