Tony D’Souza paints Warner Brothers Studios with ‘Blue’!

A first for Bollywood is about to happen at the posh Warner Brothers Studios in Los Angeles. Internationally-renowned cinematographer Amir Mokri (who’s shot Hollywood blockbusters like ‘Vantage Point‘, ‘Bad Boys 2‘ and ‘Fast and Furious‘) will be watching our own desi action flick ‘Blue‘ on October 3.

Joining Mokri will be Mitchell Amundsen the American cinematographer who recently shot ‘Mission Impossible 3’.

‘Blue’ director Tony D’Souza who worked in LA when he directed the television series ‘Ripley’s Believe It Or Not’ has been close friends with Mokri and Amundsen for years and a big fan of director Michael Bay, who is also likely to join the two cinematographers to watch the special screening of ‘Blue’ in LA.

A print of Tony D’Souza’s ‘Blue’ is being flown to LA for maverick Hollywood director Michael Bay’s viewing pleasure. Tony has been a fan of the director of the blockbuster ‘Bad Boys’ and ‘Transformers’ series and has seen these films repeatedly. In fact ‘Blue’ is totally inspired by the cinema of Michael Bay. Bay will in all likelihood also watch ‘Blue’ while the mixing of ‘Blue’ will take place at the prestigious Warner Brothers studios.

‘Blue’ becomes the first Indian film to be mixed at the Warner Brothers studio.

Says Tony,

“I’ve been a Michael Bay fan right from the time he made the ‘Aaron Burr’ commercial. He’s definitely my favourite director. ‘Blue‘ bears Bay’s stamp. I had decided I’d show it to him when it was ready. Aamir Mokri and Mitchell Amundsen are confirmed for October 3. We’re waiting for Michael’s confirmation.”

–By Subhash K Jha


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