Vinod Khanna plays a Naxalite Kobad Ghandy like character in RED ALERT

Ananth Mahadevan, the director of RED ALERT- The War within says, “The film couldn’t have been more timely. It reflects today’s headlines. Viewers might also find shades of Kobad Ghandy in one of the film’s characters played by Vinod Khanna.”

Vinod Khanna at 99 Success bash in Phoenix Mills on 22nd May 2009 (70)
Vinod Khanna

According to director Ananth Mahadevan, Vinod Khanna’s actors’ integrity is brought to the fore in RED ALERT-the war within.

Though in real life he belongs to the establishment, in reel life in RED ALERT-the War Within, he plays an anti establishment, intellectual ideologue, a left wing Maoist.

He is actually condemning the government….he is well read, well versed with issues, an intellectual, who does not raise the gun…but his weapon is motivation and strategizing for the Naxal movement to be ruthless organization to achieve their ultimate goal.

Ananth Mahadevan had earlier worked with Vinod Khanna in the film CHANDNI, but unlike that film, for RED ALERT, Vinod Khanna performance is more subdued, with different mannerism and body language to get into the character of the intellectual cold blooded Maoist.

Vinod Khanna’s character as an ultra left revolutionary mouths volatile dialogues like,

“The government is a terrorist…We do not resort to violence…We resort to counter-violence…This is a war….it doesn’t matter whether we win or loose…what matter is our being there”

RED ALERT-the war within, produced by T P Agarwal and Rahul Agarwal, Star Entertainment, is new age cinema based on realism, on issues that the country has to reflect and answer. It is a true story borne out of on today’s headlines. A country at war with itself…India’s little understood, most misunderstood war.


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