What’s Cooking Beween Sonu Sood And Francis Ford Coppola’s Latest Heroine

Sonu Sood at the premiere of Dus Kahaniyaan.jpgSonu Sood has been cast as the male lead opposite Alexandra Maria Lara who plays the female lead opposite Tim Roth in legendary Godfather director Francis Ford Coppola’s latest film Youth Without Youth. This is the first time that an Indian actor gets to play the lead with sucha major Hollywood heroine. Sonu Sood and his American co-star currently sharing extremely warm vibes in Dubai where they’re shooting for Ali Mustafa’s City Of Life.

Sonu Sood launches first movie kiosk in Fame Malad on 10th December 2008 (7).JPGThe pair are said to have plenty of love-making scenes to do.
But Sood denies them . “After Sheesha where I had torrid scenes with Neha Dhupia I took a conscious decision to avoid love and smooching scenes. I’m a married man with a growing son who asks me questions. I’d rather have a conservative image. I’m done with my wild days,” says Sood who before marriage had a series of colourful relationships incuding a much-publicized one with Southern star Simran.

Sood has apparently told the producers of his first English language film to keep his relationship with his American co-star chaste.A hard act to abandon after Alexandra’s torrid act with Tim Roth in her first film.
Shooting in Dubai, there’s a major communication problem between Sonu Sood and his American co-star Alexandria who play an Indian and Romanian respectively in Sood’s first English-language film..

Sonu Sood at LUX Sabsey Favourite Kaun Grand Finale in Star Gold on 23rd December 2008 (27).JPG“But it’s not actually an English-language film,” says Sood from Dubai .”Because I play an Indian taxi driver and Alexandria plays Romanian. And we both speak in our respective languages in the film and communicate in broken English.’

Communication gaps are not alien to Sood. He has recently done a Telugu film with a co-star whom didn’t follow a word of Hindi. The film is breaking records all over Andhra Pradesh.

“The leading lady Anushka and I had earlier starred in the Telugu version of Dhoom It was called Super and I played John Abraham‘s role. Now after Arundhati we’re much in demand as a pair.I’d love to do the Hindi version of Arundhati.”


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