Word to Screen Market aims to initiate talks between publishing houses and producers: Kiran Rao

Kiran Rao says Word to Screen Market presented by Jio MAMI aims to initiate talks between publishing houses and producers.

Filmmaker Kiran Rao interacted with media on Thursday at the Third Edition of Word to Screen Market by Jio MAMI.

When talking about Word to Screen market and what they are aiming at, Kiran Rao said, “This was a very productive meet, this is the third year of Word to Screen Market. In the last two years, we have sold many books and stories for Tv shows and movies such as Indira by Sagarika Ghosh. This has also lead to talks between publishing houses and producers which was our aim all along. We wanted to create a space where these two industries meet and can create new content.”

‘Word to Screen Market’ allows untold stories, also literature, to be translated in unique formats for the consumption of global audiences. The two-day event, where over 200 books will be presented in a Publishers choice list, is championed by Sonam Kapoor.

When asked if there are any opportunities for regional writers, she said, “We are presenting some 36 titles here, which is the short list but we also have a long list of 174 books. We have loved all these books and think it has the potential for cinema and series. This year we looked into 8 different languages of books and ended up presenting 4 different languages.”

Hopefully, we will be able to compensate for the complaint that regional books and stories are not seen on big screen.”

Kira’s last co-production with husband Aamir Khan was the Musical Drama written and directed by Advait Chandan, titled ‘Secret Superstar’.