Nausheen’s busy singing the K-queen’s praises

Nausheen Ali Sardar at Pradeep Chandra and Ananya Banerjee_s exhibition in Worli on 15th Jan 2009 (4).JPGNausheen Ali Sardar started her small screen career with Ekta Kapoor‘s hit show ‘Kkusum’ and was hot property for long, thanks to the show. But she had bigger dreams and five years ago she decided to stage a walk out as she felt she looked too young to play a mother. Some attitude, this female had.

Nausheen Ali Sardar at the launch of new energy drink Cloud 9 in JW Marriott on 8th October 2008 (2).JPGShe signed a movie called ‘Marathon’ which never saw the light of the day. She hoped there would be more and quite rightfully, there weren’t any. Good TV offers stopped as well.

Maybe, a lot of it can be attributed to the fact that the lady was too vain and never really realized her worth- what she was good enough for and what not.

Now she’s coming out in the open to praise her first mentor- television tsarina Ekta Kapoor.

She’s said, “Ekta is a very nice person. She deserves the credit for making a lot of people what they are today. Whether or not we talk or meet on a regular basis, Ekta makes it a point to send me a bouquet every year. Both of us share mutual respect. I will always be grateful to her.”

Ummm… looks like the lass’s aiming for a comeback to TV. Maybe the realization of not being heroine material finally dawns. Thank God for that one.


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