Actress Jamie Lee Curtis says TV series “Scream Queens” is a homage to all famous horror movies based in hospital.

The three time Golden Globe Award nominee Curtis plays role of a cunning and unpredictable character of Dean Cathy Munsch on the popular show “Scream Queens”. And the actress is all set to reprise her role, but as the head of a mental hospital in Season 2.

“It’s a hybrid, there’s no question. The horror comedy style is very much a hybrid of its own. You know, I was reminded by Brad (Falchuk, the producer) that Halloween II takes place in a hospital and I didn’t remember that,” Curtis said in a statement.

She added: “But all of a sudden, of course, there are homages now to all those famous horror movies in hospitals, gruesome deaths in these sterile, horrible, soaking baths, and you know, whatever. So, it is a homage to that, but it is a hybrid, it is its own animal.”

The actress shared her views while talking to IOL – a portal run by South Africa-based Independent Media. The Season 2 will air in India from September 21 on Star World and Star World HD.

The actress also promised that the forthcoming season will present a very different storyline.

She said: “The entire show is different; we’ve taken an abrupt, right-hand turn.”

The new season of “Scream Queens” will also star Taylor Lautner and John Stamos.