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TikToker Ashley Leechin’s Taylor Swift Impersonation Creates Stir in L.A. Stores

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TikToker Ashley Leechin's Taylor Swift impersonation rouses excitement and commotion in L.A. shopping areas.

The world of celebrity impersonations saw a notable stir in Los Angeles recently. Ashley Leechin, known for her presence on TikTok, made heads turn by emulating the renowned pop sensation, Taylor Swift.

With an uncanny resemblance and outfits reminiscent of the star, Ashley’s ploy to impersonate Taylor not only got attention on social media but also in public places.

Ashley meticulously curated her ensemble to resemble Taylor’s iconic style. At The Grove, a bustling outdoor shopping venue in Los Angeles, Ashley made an entrance. Dressed in a white top, complemented by blue jeans, a red cap, and dark sunglasses, she successfully replicated the singer’s signature look.

The cherry on top was Taylor’s iconic red lipstick, while her blonde hair flowed freely. A group of men dressed entirely in black accompanied her, further adding to the illusion that she might be the real celebrity under the protection of her security team.

Onlookers, convinced they were in the presence of the pop legend, eagerly approached Ashley for coveted selfies. However, the ruse didn’t last long as the store’s security swiftly identified the gimmick and ushered her out.


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A day earlier, Ashley had channeled Taylor’s look at Downtown Disney in Anaheim, California. Sporting a burgundy beret, sunglasses, and an outfit reminiscent of Taylor’s “Red” era, Ashley once again drew attention.

Subsequently, Ashley shared insights on her Instagram. She described her impersonation escapades as a social experiment, aiming to offer a glimpse into the life of high-profile celebrities.

Emphasizing the need for decoys, she reflected on the challenges stars face while attempting to enjoy private events without getting overwhelmed by fan encounters. She also mentioned her collaboration with YouTuber VicInTheGame, acknowledging the audacious nature of their joint venture.

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While all this was unfolding in L.A., the real Taylor Swift was miles away in New Jersey. The pop sensation was immersed in wedding festivities, celebrating the union of her long-time collaborator, Jack, and actress Margaret. Taylor’s weekend was full of merriment, from attending the rehearsal dinner to dancing away the night, joined by the likes of Cara Delevingne.

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