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Ed Sheeran Delights Fans with Unexpected Lego Store Appearance

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Singer Ed Sheeran swaps his microphone for Lego bricks, surprising fans at the Mall of America with a special appearance and musical performance.

Ed Sheeran, the globally renowned singer, recently surprised everyone, not with a musical performance but with a stint at a Lego store.

At the age of 32, Ed didn’t just limit his experiences to producing chart-topping songs; he decided to immerse himself into the world of Lego. This enchanting journey occurred at the Mall of America, situated in Minnesota.

Ed took on the role of a “brick specialist”, offering a unique experience for all the Lego enthusiasts who happened to be present at the mall. Additionally, he managed the cashier desk, ensuring his fans went home with their favorite Lego sets, each personalized with his autograph.

Amidst all the bustling, he never missed a chance to pose for pictures, preserving the delightful moments for posterity, as highlighted by aceshowbiz.com.

However, the fun didn’t stop there. Ed, having a connection with the word “Lego” through one of his hits, ‘Lego House’, serenaded the crowd with the popular song, right in front of the store.


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Following the impromptu performance, he took to Instagram, wearing a Lego-themed blue T-shirt and a vibrant yellow apron, and uploaded a short video clip.

In the video, Ed joyfully shared, “Currently at the Mall of America, Minnesota, all dressed up in Lego. Prepping to be the Lego store’s brick specialist and play ‘Lego House’.” The video offers glimpses of him crooning his beloved “Lego House” song.

Post the song, he candidly shared, “Absolutely enjoyed that.” He also playfully hinted at distributing ‘Autumn Is Coming’ minifigures during his upcoming show at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

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Previously, on July 29, Ed astonished his followers at a famous Chicago eatery, The Wieners Circle, known for its distinctive customer interaction involving jovial insults. Capturing his unique hotdog-serving adventure, he released a video on his Instagram account.

Alongside, he humorously wrote about his experience, “Today, I served hotdogs at @wienerscircle. It’s a legendary spot in Chicago, famous for both hotdogs and amusingly insulting customers. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Catch me at the stadium tonight!”

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