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Joe Manganiello Steps Out Without Wedding Ring After Parting Ways with Sofia Vergara

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After his split from Sofia Vergara, Joe Manganiello was seen without his wedding ring, marking a new chapter in the actor's life.

Joe Manganiello, celebrated for his performances in blockbuster movies and series such as ‘How I Met Your Mother’, ‘True Blood’, ‘Spiderman’, and ‘Magic Mike’, recently made his first public appearance post the announcement of his divorce from Sofia Vergara.

Fans and paparazzi caught a glimpse of him in Los Angeles, as he was engrossed in his daily errands after an invigorating workout session, accompanied by Bubbles, the dog he once shared with Sofia.

Significantly, Joe’s hand lacked the presence of his wedding band, subtly underscoring the finality of their separation. This public appearance occurs roughly a month after Joe and Sofia, who had been bonded in matrimony for seven wonderful years, made public their intention to part ways on July 18. Both Joe and Sofia had labeled this as a “challenging decision”.

The duo, in a joint statement to Page Six, expressed their sentiments: “We share deep love and respect for one another, and we earnestly request everyone to respect our privacy as we transition into this next phase.”

Notably, a mere two days post their divorce news surfacing, Joe initiated the official divorce proceedings. As per the documents, both parties stated “irreconcilable differences” as the driving factor behind their decision to end their marital bond. Interestingly, the couple had the foresight to have a prenuptial agreement in place, which will now guide the division of their combined assets and liabilities. The agreement will also dictate the overall spousal support.

While Joe, especially noted for his role in ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’, possesses individual assets like an exquisite collection of jewelry and other personal items, his earnings throughout the duration of their marriage remain separate.

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Prior to this saddening twist in their relationship, insiders at People had highlighted the contrasting personalities and preferences of Joe and Sofia. Throughout their marriage, they each endeavored to prioritize the other’s interests above their own in a bid to nurture their relationship. Yet, behind the scenes, the couple apparently navigated numerous “ups and downs”, maintaining a united front for the world to see.

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