Adi bana bakra

Shree Adi Manav which airs on SAB TV is running towards its success. The show is fully loaded with fun and giggle. But do you know the casts too have fun behind the scenes as they play prank on each other. One of the bakra Vrajesh Hirjee narrates such incident to Telly Cafe.

Elaborating on the on-set incident the actor informs, “As I am on screen deaf so taking advantage of my character, Kiku (Manav) and Vishal (Shree) who are dumb and blind respectively, planned a trap to make fun out of me. I fell prey to it but still it was one of the memorable incident which made the whole unit laugh.”

“In the serial I have to follow Manav as I can’t listen to what Shree says. So I have to say accordingly following the act of Manav. Once they both (Vishal and Kiku) decided to make fun and Manav started acting in a way which was not written in the script, therefore I started saying wrong dialogues. While doing that I realized that some thing is fishy but it was too late to realise as our director shouted that these dialogues are not in the script (Bhai yeh dialogues nahi hain). It was then, Vishal and Kiku along with the whole unit started laughing at me,” quips the actor.

Adi goes on, “Truly speaking that was just a wonderful moment on the sets till the date, we just rolled on the floors with the laugh.”

It’s clear that Shree Adi Manav is not just making its audience to laugh but also its unite.

Tejashree Bhopatkar/ Sampurn Media


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