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Dino James and Samridhii Shukla Celebrate India’s Independence

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Dino James champions India's spirit in his music, as Samridhii Shukla lauds the nation's progress and women's empowerment on Independence Day.

Dino James, known not only for his gripping music but also for his participation in ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 13’, has shared heartfelt wishes for Independence Day. Beyond the beats and melodies, Dino believes music serves as an introspective journey, mapping his emotions, tales, and unique experiences.

For him, Independence Day transcends a mere day on the calendar; it resonates deeply, echoing the tales of courage and victories of India’s brave heroes.

Furthermore, as a rapper, Dino takes pride in intertwining the rich tapestry of India’s multifaceted culture into his lyricism.

He says, “Through my rap, I channel the essence of contemporary India. It brings immense pride to my heart when I think about showcasing India on a global platform with my music. To all the people of India, a Happy Independence Day from the core of my heart!

On a similar note, television star Samridhii Shukla, who brilliantly portrays Saavi in the Colors TV show ‘Saavi Ki Savaari’, opened up about the profound significance Independence Day holds for her.

For Samridhii, this day isn’t just about commemorating freedom; it’s a reflection of our nation’s journey and achievements, notably the remarkable ‘Chandrayaan-3’ mission.

She emphasized, “Our nation has taken monumental strides, especially in empowering women. From burgeoning female entrepreneurs to an increasing number of women-centred narratives in film and literature, the sky is the limit.

Drawing parallels to her character, Saavi, Samridhii points out that her on-screen avatar mirrors the aspirations and triumphs of countless Indian women who are challenging norms and shattering ceilings.

With a hope-filled heart, she stated, “On this day, we not only celebrate the freedoms we’ve attained but also ardently hope for a future where we keep scaling new heights. A salute to our past and an eager anticipation for an unfettered future. Happy Independence Day!

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