Aditi inspires the housemates to chant ‘Om’

Prayer is a way of meditation; it is a way of consolidation of ones energy, calming the mind and being blessed by the universe at the same time. Keeping in tune with the same philosophy ‘Om’ the foremost mantra of Hinduism that is religiously chanted by loads of people and now its turn for our houseamtes to chant ‘Om’ in the Bigg Boss House…

Aditi Gowatrikar at the Private Screening of THREE in Mumbai on 2nd Sep 2009
Aditi Gowatrikar

Aditi Govitrikar at Puma Gini and Jony Kids wear launch in Oberoi Mall on 30th Sep 2009 (9).JPGAditi playing the lead recites the chant to Poonam, Tanaaz, Rohit and Shamita also encourages everyone by saying ‘I meditate the same for 1 hour…I feel it calms me down and makes me a stronger and positive person’…Poonam, Tanaaz, Shamita and Rohit agree to it and feels good after the chant…

Will the housemates continue to meditate? What will happen to the housemates after chanting?

Tune in today to Bigg Boss- Season 3 on COLORS at 9pm


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