Another transformation for Raghav

Yes finally the character of Raghav (Aditya) is changing and that too for good in the show Naa Aana Is Desh Laado. The actor is quite happy and excited about the transformation.

“Raghav has realised that he had been living on terms of Ammaji and now he feels suffocated. Definitely there are going to be changes in his shade too but it will be slow and steady,” says Aditya.

So will he be standing against Ammaji? “Well that even I don’t have the idea of whether he stand against his mother or not. As per the current track he just wants to run away from the house so now you need to wait and watch of what he does,” he adds further.

Talking about the changes in his character, the actor converse, “When I was introduced in the show, my role was positive but then the audience came to know about the truth behind this goody goody guy and they accepted me in both the shades which were great achievement for me.”

“Now when my character is transforming again, I am sure audience will like it as this time it’s going to change for real. This will definitely bring change in the rapport of his with Sia (Natasha) but for that you need to wait and watch as even I don’t have much idea of how we will process further,” he concludes.

Our khabroo from the sets reveal that, “This is definitely going to give boost to the plans of Sia. She will be successful in breaking the bond of Ammaji and her sons. This may also result in Raghav standing against his own mother. A new revolution is all about to start in Laado.”

Hope these changes in the show gives more boost to the TRP’s too.

Rachana Trivedi / Sampurn Media


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