Bebo and Amrit at war

Well we are not talking about their on screen tiff but it’s the new from behind the camera. Yes you have heard it right, Bebo (Shiv Shakti) and Amrit (Anuj) are at war off the lenses also.

“The two actors are not on talking terms. It’s been said that Anuj has been trying to flirt with Shiv Shakti and had been misguiding her,” chirps the source from the sets.

Elaborating more on their tiff, our source adds, “This behaviour of Anuj was not liked by the parents of our Bebo. Thus like a dotting daughter she too is staying away from the actor.”

“They don’t even see eye to eye and only come together when their frame is required. They always maintained the distance which can be seen on the sets and had became the latest issues of gossip over here,” concludes the source.

We knew that Bebo and Amrit ki dooriyan but in real too… Well such are the stories of the dailies; this is not new… isn’t it? Hope this doesn’t affect the TRP’s.

-Rachana Trivedi


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