Change in time slot CC and DPL

Yes you have heard it right that time slot of Comedy Circus- Teen Ka Tadka and Dance Premier League will be changing from this week itself. The reason for modification remains a big question to us also.

Our source quips,

“Yes now CC will be shifted to 10:00pm time slot on Saturday while DPL will shift to 8:30 pm on Friday and Saturday.”

When asked about the reason for the shifting in timings, our source adds,

“For now there is no new show than Sukh By Chance, which will be a daily. As far as I know the variation is done to promote their best rated show, CID.”

“Both DPL and Comedy Circus is doing well on the channel they have been receiving many feed backs. There is lot more to come on Sony with Yashraj debuting on small screen as producer with various shows,”

concludes the source.

Definitely with the new horror show and Karan Johar‘s Mera Sabse Bada Fan… the viewers can expect a lot from the channel. Hope this time Sony is able to hold their attention too.

–Rachana Trivedi


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