Jyoti stands up against the domestic violence

Imagine through its popular primetime daily Jyoti aims to destabilize the evil of domestic violence. Jyoti is a strong woman who has stood up against several hurdles in her life. Now she is all geared up to fight for her sister in the show addressing the evil practice in the society.

at the launch of new show Jyoti in NDTV Imagine on 9th Feb 2009
at the launch of new show Jyoti in NDTV Imagine on 9th Feb 2009

When Jyoti finds out that her sister Sushma is being victim to a ruthless violence at the hands of her husband Brij, she stands against this issue, takes a morcha of women outside Brij’s house and gets him arrested. With this action Jyoti not only saves Sushma but also through her act represents the women power and instigates the women of the nation not to tolerate such kind of violence.

Imagine has tied up with Bell Bajao Campaign (Ring the Bell!), asking men and boys to bring domestic violence to a halt. The campaign has reached 124 million people reached and still going strong! Sneha Wagh, who essays the role of Jyoti, says,

“I genuinely feel for this cause and I hope women who watch Jyoti or have encountered this first hand or in their neighbourhood get inspired to take the matter in their own hands and speak up against this social evil.”

Lets see how Jyoti manages to get justice for her sister Sushma on Tuesday 20th Oct at 8.30 pm only on Imagine!


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