Kids attend early maturity

These days child actors seems to get very matured when it comes to their on screen performance. Telly café brings to you some off screen fun exclusively about your favourite star child, Rudra (Azaan Shah) and Naveli (Sparsh) of Shree.

Sparsh at New Talent Awards in Hyatt Regency on 13th July 2009 (2)
Sparsh at New Talent Awards in Hyatt Regency on 13th July 2009 (2)

“With the entry of Rudra and Naveli in the show, the on-set environment has acquired a drastic change. Both the kids just spread smiles around with their innocence and ‘masti’. But on other hand, both of them are very fussy about their roles and acting,”

chirps the little birdie.

“Rudra is very much naughty, he just loiter on the set and very much hard to handle but at the same time his acting and work is just like any other protagonist. Azaan not only by hearts the script but also recall it even after couple of days. He behaves like a professional actor ,”

Khabroo adds.

Sparsh being among one of the leading child actors is also in the same line with Azaan.

“Sparsh is marvelous and very much matured with her acting, both the kids are aware about their role and duties, some times it becomes tough to handle them as a kid, whereas surprising while handling as actors,”

source informs.

Well, Sparsh and Azaan you are the generation next, the stars of the future.

–Tejashree Bhopatkar


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